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Heat Treatment VS. Cryonite

There’s been a lot of discussion about heat treatment versus Cryonite when it comes to the elimination of bed bugs. The heat treatment people say that heat does the best job of eradication and the Cryonite people say that that does the best job of elimination. Who can you believe? The following is taken from the official National Pest Management Associations Guidelines on Best Management Practices for controlling Bed Bugs in Multi family Housing :

  • 11.3.3. Heat Treatments
    • Heat treatment can be used to treat and control bed bugs in:
      • A whole structure.
      • An apartment unit, a room, or a portion of a room.
      • A compartment containing furniture and possessions.
    • Heat treatments typically provide more flexibility for use in cluttered environments than traditional pesticide applications
    • Research and understand applicable fire codes, and local ordinances regarding the use of portable heaters, fire suppression systems and other heat treatment related concerns.
    • Only equipment designed and tested for use as an insect control device should be used for whole room bed bug heat treatments.
    • Heat equipment should be carefully inspected before use to ensure that it is in proper working order and no foreseeable fire hazards exist.
    • When conducting whole-room heat treatment ensure that the equipment has the capacity to raise and hold the temperature in the treated area to a level lethal to bed bugs.
      • Typical items to be heat treated include beds, furniture, personal possessions, clothing, shoes, and equipment.
      • Various enclosures can be used including trucks, trailers, shipping containers, storage pods, specially designed self-contained heating units, or tarps.
      • Ambient air temperature should be monitored to avoid damage to heat sensitive items.
      • Recommended temperature and exposure periods are provided in Appendix B.
    • Heat treatment can be limited by these factors:
      • Insulated areas where it is difficult to raise the temperature to levels sufficient to achieve complete kill.
      • Poor air flow in a room or container resulting in cool spots.
      • Poorly insulated rooms or containers during cold weather
      • Construction features that may contribute to heat loss or insulated cold spots.
      • The possible ability of bed bugs to move out of heated areas in whole-room treatments.
      • Potential heat damage to certain materials, including the risk of activating automatic fire suppression systems (sprinklers). Care should be taken to safeguard these materials and systems.
    • For whole-room heat treatment, the preventive use of insecticide in walls and under carpet edges, prior to treatment, may complement treatment by killing bugs attempting to move away from the heat.
    • Containerized heat treatment can be used to supplement traditional bed bug service by killing bed bugs and eggs in items that are difficult to treat using other methods.
      • Typical items to be heat treated include beds, furniture, personal possessions, clothing, shoes, appliances, and equipment.
      • Various enclosures can be used including trucks, trailers, shipping containers, storage pods, specially designed self-contained heating units, or tarps.
  • 11.3.4. Mattress and Box Spring Encasements
    • Mattress and box spring encasements can be a useful tool for bed bug control.
    • Encasements create a barrier to bed bug movement in and out of the mattress, box spring, and pillows, by trapping and starving bed bugs inside.
    • Encasements make subsequent inspection easier because bed bugs are more visible on the encasement by eliminating harborage areas in the box spring and mattress.
    • Not all encasements protect against bed bugs; only use those demonstrated as being “bed bug-proof,” “bite-proof,” and “escape-proof.”
    • Encasements allow residents to salvage an infested bed rather than dispose of it.
    • Before encasements are installed, a pest control professional should vacuum, steam or treat the mattress and box spring to remove and kill as many bugs as possible.
  • 11.3.5. Cold “Freeze” Treatments
    • Freeze treatments use extreme low temperatures to kill bed bugs and eggs on contact.
    • Freeze treatments can be applied to most surfaces and so may be beneficial in treating bed bug-infested items that otherwise are difficult to treat including toys, plastics, books, and other items.
    • This technology leaves no residual and is used primarily for killing bed bugs and eggs on contact.

So there you have it from the experts. They both have pluses and minuses but when it comes to whole unit treatment and for getting into items especially where there is a lot of clutter heat is the method that is most recommended. This video shows the best heat treatment bed bug control in NYC

How To Kill Bed Bugs Easily


How To Kill Bed Bugs – Simple Solutions

Do you currently have bed bugs in your home? These are wingless insects that are able to exist in homes today, many times found in the sheets, beds, couches and chairs of those that have them. They are technically called Cimex lectularius, and are able to feed off of warm blooded animals. Specifically, they feed on the blood of the animals with humans being their number one preference. Today bed bugs are becoming epidemic throughout the world. Here are a few tips on how to kill bed bugs that you can do on your own if you have them in your house today. If you just want to get rid of them quickly and not go through a long and tedious process use heat treatment. More information can be found here at

Overview Of Bed Bugs

The reason that these bugs are referred to as “bedbugs” is because their favorite habitat happens to be in the home’s of humans-especially the bed. They can be found in sofas, your favorite chair, soft furnishings and, of course, mattresses. Over the last decade, they have become a larger problem, invading the homes of not only those with bad hygiene as would be normally expected when it comes to insects, but also dormitories, hotel rooms,  army barracks, and cruise ships to name a few. There are able to continue to proliferate, unlike other bugs, because they can produce rapidly, are resistant to most pesticides and hide very well.

Are Bedbugs Dangerous?

Their favorite time to feed his during the night, when the host is asleep. The blood is taken from the host painlessly, which is why most people do not realize what is happening until the infestation is great. Injecting a small amount of their own saliva into the host’s skin, they are able to desensitize humans as they feed upon them, until one day the person may develop an allergic response to the constant feeding. Although they are not dangerous in the sense of leading to a life threatening condition for the host, there is the possibility that contaminants may pass into the person’s bloodstream, causing potential health issues. No disease transmission has been proven to date

How Do They Get In Your House?

To know how to stop them, it’s good to have a general idea of how they are able to get in. Here is a good overview… In many cases, they are stowaways, traveling on your luggage from location to location, or they could be in furniture that you purchased secondhand. If you have had travelling guests in your home, or other friends and family visit, it is possible that they traveled on these hosts before settling into your furniture.

Signs That You Have Bedbugs?

You can tell that you have bedbugs if you are waking up in the morning, complaining about itching, and realizing that you have bites on your body. If this happens during the time while you were asleep, they are obviously in your bed. They can also exist in loose wallpaper, in dressers, desks, and other locations throughout your home. Reddish fecal spots, or dark brown patches in these areas is the excrement of the bugs, a clear sign that they are in your household.

How To Kill Bed Bugs

If bedbugs are  on your mattress, the easiest way to get rid of them is to enclose your bed with a protective cover. By doing so, all of the bugs will die over a period of several weeks to a couple of months. Steaming is a great method for killing eggs and bed bugs in cracks and crevices also by vacuuming and thoroughly cleaning the furniture or bed that they were on with alcohol. For light infestations this will work your infestation will be taken care of, allowing you to rest easier at night. Here is a video showing steam as a bed bug elimination method:

Over the last few years, bedbugs have become more prolific throughout the places that people live and sleep. It is estimated they are in 10-15 percent of homes. By following this simple suggestion for getting rid of bedbugs, you can’t might be able to get rid of them from your home. In more severe cases a heat treatment may be the best method. A3 Superior provides heat treatment for bed bugs in NY, Nj and PA.


Signs of Bed Bugs

Signs of Bed bugs

A bed bug is a tiny parasite belonging to Cimices family and feeds exclusively on blood, preferably the human blood. Over the years, it has been reported that, although different types of bed bugs exist, the most common is the one which survives on human blood. Studies reveal that the bed bug species such as bat bugs feed on animal blood but will also bit humans. In general, beg bugs have been known to depend on human blood for existence and as the name suggests, bed begs often inhabit warm houses especially inside the bedding and other sleeping areas.

Research indicates that bed bugs are nocturnal i.e. they are active at night feeding and during daytime, they hide in dark crevices hence becoming very difficult to notice their presence. The parasite is mainly mobile and the house gets infested for instance, when infested furniture or beddings are brought inside the house from the affected area. Apart from clothing and luggage, other animals can serve as agents of transportation. Primarily bed bugs use people as their main means of transportation.

Bed bugs are hard to identify. In fact it is said that they are elusive and thus making it difficult to be detected. It is argued that, although signs of indicating that the bed bugs exist, it is only keen observers who can identify bed bugs from their hideouts. One of the most common ways of identifying the presence of a bed bug is the availability of black blood smears on the sheets and bed covers. The spots are usually noticed on top bed sheets hence a clear indication of their presence.

Aside from the blood stains, bed bug exoskeletons are also common in the places infested by the parasite. The presence of their empty exoskeletons resulting from either death or natural mutation is another important sign indicating the presence of these irritating parasites. On the same note, more often than not, their hideouts make the room smelly. Their characteristic stench of rotting raspberry helps one to identify infestation of high levels of these parasites in the house. It is argued that after feeding on the host, these bed bugs tend to congregate and relocate to places close to the host where they can easily access their prey.

Furthermore, the presence of dark magic marker-like droppings which are usually seen in patches around the bed and on crevices found in the bed is a clear indication of infestation by the bed bugs. These spots effused blood droppings are mainly detected with keen observation. White seed-like droppings can be seen inside and around the harborage and these are their eggs. Their hiding places usually vary and includes inside electrical apparatus, within furniture, inside cars and amongst clothes.

Finally, bed bug infestation can be indentified from its consistent and irritating bites. Victims of bed bug bites suffer from skin rashes and others extreme aspects of psychological disturbances and allergy. In is notable that bed bug infestation is a serious menace that needs to be eradicated. A good company in the NY, NJ and PA area for complete elimination is A3 Superior Pest Control. They are well reviewed on such places as

Bed bug smoke bomb fumigator

Bed bug smoke bomb fumigator,

Guaranteed Professional Bed bug Control

Guaranteed Professional Bed bug Control,

LIVE HELPER PEST CONTROL GET RID OF BED BUGS how to get rid of bedbugs How to Kill Bed Bugs HOW

LIVE HELPER PEST CONTROL GET RID OF BED BUGS how to get rid of bedbugs How to Kill Bed Bugs HOW,

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