The Polar Shift 2012 NASA – What the Experts Have to Say?

Among the many opinions regarding the events that are said to transpire, the Polar Shift 2012 NASA would be declaring (or otherwise) is the most waited of all. This is because this agency is a reliable organization that deals with spaceflight, aviation, and other related activities. People want to get information on the matter about the probable polar shift and its implications on mankind. With this, a summary of what the said administration has to say about the matter is given below:

• The rotation of the earth is said to stay the way it is, and in no way will it change in the near future. Magnetic reversals of the poles of the earth, however, are known to occur every around four hundred thousand years. And so, the Polar Shift 2012 NASA says is just a mere idea that is yet to be proven correct. Although the magnetic reversals can occur, it is very unlikely to happen a few years from now; if ever, it may happen in the next few millennia, but its effects cannot do any harm to living creatures on earth.

• The slow movements of the continents are not related to an upcoming polar shift, as the continents have been known to move this way through the years. Any change in the rotation or upturning of the earth can be said to be as improbable as the Polar Shift 2012 NASA has evaluated in their studies. Since all these conclusions are based on scientific research and observations, the credibility of the claims of NASA is founded on factual data hence giving a more precise overview of its outcomes.

• One sure thing that NASA claims is that the earth is not at any apparent risk or danger, and it is in no way going to face its end by the year 2012. Any polar shift, if these would ever occur, might be described as just a minor “tilt” of the earth around its orbit, but not so much as it would mean the end of the world. The earth is said to continue rotating and revolving in the same manner that it is doing today.

• Eventually, people will soon forget about the current craze about these doomsday stories, polar shifts, and what-not. Just like the case of the Y2K virus and its dreaded effects, this issue would surely die a natural death. All NASA could say is that in case there is actually some truth about the polar reversals, they could have warned the people directly about its occurrence. But since everything is still under control, there should be not much worry for any upcoming events that could happen to the earth.

In this regard, NASA advises the public to be more critical in assessing the information that is fed to them through the Internet or any other form of media. Being vigilant in the assertion of true and correct information and details is one of the many traits that the masses should surely need to learn to uphold.