Signs of Bed Bugs

Signs of Bed bugs

A bed bug is a tiny parasite belonging to Cimices family and feeds exclusively on blood, preferably the human blood. Over the years, it has been reported that, although different types of bed bugs exist, the most common is the one which survives on human blood. Studies reveal that the bed bug species such as bat bugs feed on animal blood but will also bit humans. In general, beg bugs have been known to depend on human blood for existence and as the name suggests, bed begs often inhabit warm houses especially inside the bedding and other sleeping areas.

Research indicates that bed bugs are nocturnal i.e. they are active at night feeding and during daytime, they hide in dark crevices hence becoming very difficult to notice their presence. The parasite is mainly mobile and the house gets infested for instance, when infested furniture or beddings are brought inside the house from the affected area. Apart from clothing and luggage, other animals can serve as agents of transportation. Primarily bed bugs use people as their main means of transportation.

Bed bugs are hard to identify. In fact it is said that they are elusive and thus making it difficult to be detected. It is argued that, although signs of indicating that the bed bugs exist, it is only keen observers who can identify bed bugs from their hideouts. One of the most common ways of identifying the presence of a bed bug is the availability of black blood smears on the sheets and bed covers. The spots are usually noticed on top bed sheets hence a clear indication of their presence.

Aside from the blood stains, bed bug exoskeletons are also common in the places infested by the parasite. The presence of their empty exoskeletons resulting from either death or natural mutation is another important sign indicating the presence of these irritating parasites. On the same note, more often than not, their hideouts make the room smelly. Their characteristic stench of rotting raspberry helps one to identify infestation of high levels of these parasites in the house. It is argued that after feeding on the host, these bed bugs tend to congregate and relocate to places close to the host where they can easily access their prey.

Furthermore, the presence of dark magic marker-like droppings which are usually seen in patches around the bed and on crevices found in the bed is a clear indication of infestation by the bed bugs. These spots effused blood droppings are mainly detected with keen observation. White seed-like droppings can be seen inside and around the harborage and these are their eggs. Their hiding places usually vary and includes inside electrical apparatus, within furniture, inside cars and amongst clothes.

Finally, bed bug infestation can be indentified from its consistent and irritating bites. Victims of bed bug bites suffer from skin rashes and others extreme aspects of psychological disturbances and allergy. In is notable that bed bug infestation is a serious menace that needs to be eradicated. A good company in the NY, NJ and PA area for complete elimination is A3 Superior Pest Control. They are well reviewed on such places as

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