Update on Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for Bed Bugs

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In this video Jeff will update everyone on a new study on the effectiveness of diatomaceous earth and the current thinking about how well it works on bed bugs. For years lab and field studies have suggested that DE is a suitable dust for addition to a treatment protocol for bed bugs. A recent study by the University of Kentucky which used DE as a stand-alone tool in an attempt to control bed bugs did not find positive results on its effectiveness. While these findings were enough reason for Jeff to change BedBug Central’s protocol from using DE to Cimexa dust, he does not think it’s a reason to state that DE does not work for bed bugs. We have known all along that DE is not a tool that should be used by itself to control bed bugs. It has always been recommended that it is used with other tools and the study by the University of Kentucky confirms this. While it is Jeff’s position that there may be other low-impact dusts that may provide better results with bed bugs, if DE is used with other pesticides as part of a comprehensive bed bug protocol other studies have suggested it can have positive effects.

15 thoughts on “Update on Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for Bed Bugs”

  1. I still have the DE left behind from that one time I had one bed bug. I’ve
    seen no insects of any sort for a while now. I have seen the occasional
    spider, but even that’s less than usual. Perhaps it’s because of the
    winter. I’ll keep an eye out.

  2. Jeff, great videos. Are you an active PCO working in the field or are you
    an entomologist or both? Thanks!

  3. I just found out I have bed bugs I have called top name exterminator
    basically was shown a video to scare me saying untreated I will have 38
    million bedbugs in about 9 months and my house will be unlivable, but If I
    want to kill bugs eggs and all more effectively I would have to use heat
    and liquid which would cost for my square footage 2700.00 which I don’t
    have, so besides the silica dust what else do I need to do and what other
    products would I need , I am still not sure what to do with the silica dust
    do I need to spread it all over the carpet as well on my mattress? thanks
    for your help

  4. thanks for replaying I have noticed a few of those pest on the wall that
    is the first time I have seem there, I did call another company they said
    they could do the liquid treatment for 795.00 and they guarantee for year
    where the other companies which have been three since our last chat they
    could only guarantee it for 30 days so I don’t know about the good price
    of 795.00 is worth it or not but trying to come up with that kind of money
    I couldn’t do it for about three months maybe longer, I have bought a
    encasement for my bed and I have washed all of my stuff on the bed, I have
    ordered some of the silica gel stuff and so I am going to try that for now
    until I can get a professional to come out , any suggestions would be
    grateful I honestly don’t know how bad the infestation was to me it just
    look like a few clusters on the underside of the mattress I haven’t seen to
    many adults like many 30 of them so far,

  5. How safe is cimexa, toxicity level vs. DE? Can I mix cimexa & DE combo for
    the spray bottle? Will that work or do I need to do 2 seperate treatments? 

  6. Q: DE can be used on animals externally and internally for all kinds of
    different parasites. Is Cimexa food grade silica? Is there a website that I
    can get more info cause I can’t find it;)

  7. It all depends who is presenting a product. If it’s a DE manufacturer, DE
    is very effective. But when you ask a pest control company (like this guy),
    they will try to discourage you to use DE alone and they will say that
    there are other better products to use that would require you to hire them,
    hahahaha. My money goes to DE though ;-)

  8. Where can you buy Cimexa ? So that you dont have to wait 4 weeks for
    shipping ? Is it available in hardware stores? In Canada? probably not.


  9. ok so we found just a few in husbands box spring, we did all the washing
    drying cleaning, de, bedlam, bed covers, 3 weeks have passed, my husband
    moved into another room, last night 1 on his bed, please what do you highly
    recommend???? exterminator or move out, I’m stressed, crying, we are 74
    years old and really can’t afford this, an exterminator will most likely
    break us.

  10. You talk to much. Say what you have to say and get on with it. You said the
    same thing over and over to the point of boring.

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