Preferred Pesticides for Bed Bug Treatment

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @JWhiteBBTV – – In this episode Jeff will discuss the pesticides that he and BedBug Central are using in their bed bug treatment protocols. Please keep in mind that it is not his intention to sell anyone on a specific pesticide. There are many pesticides available that may have similar effects to the examples mentioned in this video and a company not using these pesticides does not mean they have chosen poorly. Also, most of the products mentioned in this video are intended to be used by pest control professionals. If a non-licensed individual decided to purchase any of the examples mentioned and apply them on their own, please follow all label directions carefully and review any laws that are specific to your individual state. For a liquid residual we are currently alternating service to service Transport GHP and Demand CS in an effort to optimize the effect of these products while trying to manage and resistance concerns. For dusts, we use Tri-Die and Diatomaceous Earth. Please watch the video for more information on why we chose each product and any concerns we have with each.

25 thoughts on “Preferred Pesticides for Bed Bug Treatment”

  1. we’re bouncing back and forth between Transport GHP and Mikron but other
    than that, still using the same chemicals

  2. my comments are based on research from universities that found some of the
    non-pest control DE’s are not effective on bed bugs, if you are going to
    make comments about it being good for bed bug control you need to have
    research to back your claims, “I put some on a bug and it died” is not
    research, I can’t comment on every form of DE out there and the
    effectiveness of each but pay attention to who’s making the claims before
    you buy in

  3. Bedlam is a supplemental treatment to be used in part with other residual
    treatments. Most professionals use Bedlam for it’s labeling purposes. It
    states it can be applied directly to a mattress. I would never attempt to
    use it as the sole means of control.

  4. steakandcheesesub pretty much explained my sentiments, Bedlam can be a fine
    choice as part of a bed bug treatment plan for some cracks, crevices and
    other areas that are difficult to treat due to human exposure concerns
    (surfaces of couches, etc…) but should not be relied upon to solve a

  5. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the very good information. Could you please let me know
    the pestiside names that you have shown in this video? Also, I have learnt
    that Fenthion is the most effective for BED BUG Treatment. Is there any
    Pestiside with Fenthion composition? I am in Australia and look forward
    your quick response on this???

  6. Hey, Jeff. Thanks for your informational videos–really great resource. I
    think you said you alternate service between Transport and Demand. Just
    wondering how long you wait between each service. I’m in talks with a PCO
    who also suggested alternate service between two pesticides, and I want to
    have an idea of the frequency of the services. Appreciate any insight you
    can provide.

  7. Hi Jeff! Great video, but it leaves some concerns… From my understanding,
    there has been minimal evidence showing the effectiveness of Demand and
    other pyrethrins against bed bugs, as they can’t be sprayed on the sleeping
    surface. Further, why use a number of different pyrethroid? Why not use a
    product that isn’t pyrethrum based to deal with the chance of

  8. steaming will not solve most bed bug infestations, steamers can be
    effective at killing bed bugs on contact but is only part of a program,
    many pesticides can work and the toxicity of many of the chemicals the pest
    control industry uses are low and if used consistent with label directions
    should pose a minimal risk in most normal circumstances, if anyone has
    additional concerns it’s recommended to consult a physician with the MSDS
    sheets of the pesticides that are going to be used

  9. Hi Jeff for the nice video. We are in apartment and have spend two thousand
    already on bedbug treatment company that was preferred by the apartment
    company which did poor followup service. All we got after their treatment
    was bedbugs that look much more bigger. To contain cost , we want do on our
    own carefully following the instructions. Between the liquid residual and
    Dust treatment which one you would suggest we choose? How may treatments we
    should do?

  10. I would use both a liquid and a dust, they are different products for
    different applications, dusts for cracks and crevices and liquid for
    baseboards, etc… (of course following label directions), I can’t comment
    on how many treatments you should do without seeing the infestation myself
    and the progress from treatment to treatment

  11. Thanks Jeff! So based on the inputs, this is what i am trying to do now:
    Temprid(aerosol or liquid) first week along with Tridie .After 2 weeks
    Demand CS along with Tridie.Repeat the cycle 3- 4 times.Do you see any flaw
    in this?All i have is a 2 bdroom apartment rented.

  12. Hi Jeff..Thanks for prompt reply. Now when you say ‘use both liquid and
    dust’ if use temprid(liquid) along with tridie(residual dust)..should I
    AVOID applying temprid in cracks and crevices and apply TRIDIE in the
    cracks and crevices..Temprid instructions say we can apply temprid in
    cracks and crevices as well. Or should I apply both temprid and Tridie in
    cracks and crevices.

  13. Hi Jeff.First of all many many thanks for all your inputs. We did temprid
    CS for our small apartment 2 br unit two weeks ago and two days before we
    put demand CS.We are sleeping very peacefully after this.My roommate
    spotted two very tiny bed bugs last week but i am sure with continuous
    treatment they would disappear.My question is, two weeks after Temprid cs
    first treatment and two days after second treatment(Demand CS),the black
    dots(bed bug eggs) didn’t disappear on the baseboard and carpet
    intersection. If I see the black dots cluster, does it mean the eggs are
    still alive or they are just dead bed bug eggs?How do I know if these eggs
    are dead or they are surviving somehow our treatment?

  14. jeff I know I got bedbugs I recently went on a trip left a relative in my
    home for 3 weeks to look after my pet, I did not know his own home had
    bedbugs and so now his bed bug problem is now mine. my husband began
    getting bit he had tons of bites he began getting a rash still unaware they
    were bed bugs he went to dr, then dermatologist, she suspected bed bugs
    because no one in house was getting bit but him I searched his lounger.
    the relative that was staying in our home was there I found brownish stains
    in corners I touched it and it came alive, eeww the relative informed us it
    was bedbugs. we freeked and not t knowing what else to do we immediately
    threw the lounger out seeing one on our sofa after inspecting it , we threw
    it and all furniture in the room out. it seemed for awhile the problem was
    solved. NOT the case. bought new furniture. well my husband is no longer
    getting bit. I am. they found another meal ticket. I have bought sprays DE
    I even got laundry deterget for bed bugs. it seems they love my long hair .
    I use acohol on floor walls everything I sprayed hot shot for bed bugs I
    used raid I used some I got on internet. the problem is used these items
    all over the house in every crack I have never seen any bed bugs I just am
    getting ate up. I do belive I found one nyph on my shoulder it was clear
    with a lil spec of blood in middle other than that I physically cant see
    them to spray them directly. How do you kill something you cant see ? I
    recently thru out my recliner I was sitting in even tho I treated
    it daily, vaccumn sprayed with acohol even put DE every where.i heard you
    have to find their nest. I cant seem to find it, I thought their new nest
    was my chair so I got rid of it. they were in my hair even tho I couldn’t
    see them. them just grross. I had to use lice remover to get them out. . im
    obsessed with killing THES BUGS my furniture has twosided tape on the
    legs also DE is under all furniture inside every crack. I don’t know what
    to do to find the nest. im unsure what the eggs look like. I haven’t seen
    anything. give me some advise pleasee

  15. Diatomaceous Earth is just Ground Up Sea Shells… There is no active
    ingredient inside… But it does work very well… We use it everyday…
    Our Chemical of choice is Temprid… But i heard Demand is just as
    effective as Temprid.

  16. I’m confused…….I’ve been battling these bugs for over a year now and
    the first product that has given me relief is a natural one. My confusion
    is with the pyrethroid? From my endless hours of research I’m learning
    that bed bugs have become resistant to this pesticide? 

  17. There is a true, easy, and free treatment for bed bugs and all other
    insects that lasts for years, watch this video v=vF5KKz9BI-E

  18. what do you think about Cyonnara 9.7? I am also wondering if these
    pesticides are safe to use on bedding and sheets. From what i understand
    Cyonnara 9.7 is safe once dried but its difficult to find much information
    on that. If Defender is safer maybe i’ll find that to use.

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