Nuvan Pro Strips- How To Guide (Bed Bug Control)

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Nuvan Prostrips with Dichlorvos or DDVP Vapona, are for the control of listed insects in household, industrial, and commercial applications. Prostrips control flying and crawling insects by utilizing controlled release technology to slowly diffuse a deep penetrating vapor in enclosed spaces for up to 4 months.
Nuvan Prostrips are pet and child friendly but keep people out of treatment areas for prolonged times.
Active Ingredient: Dichlorvos 18.6%
Target pests: Nuvan Prostrips are use for the control of flies mosquitoes, gnats, ants (including fire ants), spiders, wasps, hornets, reptile mites, bedbugs and bedbug eggs, moths, silverfish, and cockroaches.
For use in: Nuvan Prostrips can be used in places such as garages, sheds, attics, crawl spaces, pantries, cupboards, closets, museums, museum collections, animal buildings, barns, storage units, trash bins, grain bins, pest traps, utility boxes, vacation homes, cabins, outhouses, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, boats, farm houses and ranch houses.
Application: For the general use of Nuvan Prostrips in household, industrial, and commercial listed areas. Remove the Prostrips from the foil pouch and hang or place, out of the reach of children and pets, in an open space of an enclosed area, away from windows.

Replace Nuvan Prostrips every 4 months or as needed for the control of listed insects.
Coverage Area: Each 16 gram strip will treat an area up to 200 cubic feet of space.
Not for sale to: NY
Shelf Life: Nuvan Prostrips have a shelf life of 3-4 years when stored in a cool dry environment.
Time to Kill: Nuvan Prostrips begin to kill immediately and your will notice results within hours.
Manufactured by: Amvac Chemical Co.

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