Kill Bed Bugs Yourself With Convectex Bed Bug Heaters

“We are the Safe and Easy solution to your Bed Bug nightmare!” will provide you with the equipment and training you need to apply PROFESSIONAL GRADE bed bug heat treatments time and time again. Heat treatments not only kill all life stages of Cimex Lectularius (bed bugs), but save you hundreds of dollars every time you turn our bed bug killing equipment on.

With Convectex’s cutting edge bedbug equipment and vast knowledge of bed bugs and pest control, you can immediately solve your bed bug problem without the scheduling hassle and budgeting nightmare of dealing with a 2nd party. Convectex offers full bed bug heat treatment training and technical support for all of our bed bug heat equipment. Whether you are a hotel owner or a pest control company we will teach you how to dramatically reduce your overhead by using our bed bug heat equipment with either our videos or on-site and/or remote personal training.
We can teach you how to kill 100% of bed bugs in one treatment while doing it safely and without damaging the structure or its contents.
“Just push in the plugs and kill the bugs!”

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“Your Safe and Easy Heat Solution”

Now serving: Phoenix, Arizona | Las Vegas, Nevada | Jacksonville, Florida | Columbus, Ohio | Detroit, Michigan | Seattle, Washington | New York, New York | Los Angeles, California | And More!

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