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Bedbugs are a growing concern for many commercial enterprises and homeowners. Due to the discontinued use of some pesticides and more frequent travel to 3rd world countries, bedbugs have made a big comeback here in Hawaii.

Bedbugs feed off humans like fleas feed on cats. Although they are not vectors of disease, they can cause skin irritation and can quickly produce an unappealing environment. Although Waikiki has traditionally been a bedbug hotspot, we have found cases in homes from Hawaii Kai to Pupukea. Bedbugs are so invasive, that they take much more thorough treatment than most pests. Many exterminators won’t even deal with them because they’re so hard to control.

A big part of control has to do with catching the infestation early. Bedbugs generally will be introduced into a structure through luggage, used furniture, or from storing or moving your belongings in an infested truck or container. If you think you may have bedbugs, call us today at 236-2847. We offer the best Oahu pest control services.

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