Jefferson Park Apartments Irving Texas – Crazy Pest Control – Bed Bugs

Learn more about the miserable experience at Jefferson Park Apartments in Irving Texas with a bed bug infested apartment here

The quick rundown is that I leased an apartment from them. The very first night I was covered in itchy red bug bites. It took me about 2 weeks to figure out what it was and actually catch a bed bug. The apartment then accused me of bringing them in, despite the reviews I later found that showed this bed bug infestation has been an ongoing problem for years at Jefferson Park Apartments.

The end result so far is that I have lost most of my furniture from fear that I might take these parasites with me to my next apartment. I had doctor bills I had to cover to try to get some diagnosis and treatment from being covered in bites. I still have pock marks from the places I was bitten.

Yes, it is a bit embarassing to have to show all my personal information so publicly — expecially in such poor form, but I have never been so frustrated and felt so victimized and helpless until this bed bug infestation.

The video shows the note I got on my door the night before they were to do a pest control visit. There were about 3 pages of demands I had to comply with between the time I got this (around 11pm) and 9am the next morning.

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