How To Treat Bed Bugs the Natural Way


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In this video we’re going to briefly tell you why natural bed bug control is better, and then show you how to use our natural bed bug treatment, Biodefense, to kill the bed bugs.

Most pest control companies charge ,000-15,000 dollars per treatment (depending on the property size and type), but the heat treatment & pesticide combination only kills the adult bed bugs, leaving the hard to see eggs in cracks and crevices of all over your home.

Bed Bugs are rapidly becoming a serious problem all over the world, and it has even been referred to as a “Global Epidemic”. Although your local pest control companies would have you believe otherwise, there are other options for effective bed bug treatment.

BioDefense is an all-natural, cedar based solution that kills bed bugs in your home. Using BioDefense, you can effectively get rid of the bed bugs yourself without the high expense of pest control companies and without the harmful treatments to your home. And here’s how!

You’ll start off by spraying the bed bug infested area, Wondercide is non toxic to humans, but deadly to bugs. It’s also clear and non staining, so don’t worry, spray on! Start off by spraying and removing all of the bedding like the sheets, pillows, blankets and comforters. Then wash them in hot water and dry on high heat. because they cant stand the heat!

After that, you’re going to treat your mattresses and box springs with BioDefense, an all-natural solution that kills bed bugs and their eggs on contact. This is a 100% ovicide, which means eggs that are sprayed will never hatch. This is the key to bed bug control and chemical pesticides dont kill the eggs.

Next, Spray the top mattress with biodefense, then stand upright against a wall or move it to the floor. Spray the underside of the mattress too. Do the same thing with the box springs, spraying the top, sides, and underneath thoroughly. Remove the thin fabric from the bottom of the box springs to treat the inside cracks and crevices of the box frame. This is where bed bugs love to hide and lay eggs.

Next, spray the bed frame, making sure to contact the cracks, joints, interior and underside of the frame.

Continue treating the rest of the room and closet with BioDefense, applying to all furniture including cushions and cushion well, baseboards, crown molding, flooring, top of closets, and all the cracks and crevices of the room.

Place curtains, pillows, towels, stuffed animals, etc. in the dryer on the highest
setting that won’t damage the items for at least 30 minutes. You may also spray them down with BioDefense and then dry on high heat. Double bag these
items immediately after drying.

Store cleaned and dried items in plastic bags until everything has been treated and the bed bugs are eliminated. You may only need to treat one room, or you may need to treat the entire home. You will know!

Carefully inspect all Items that cannot be washed or dried like books, electronics, picture frames, plastic toys, etc. BioDefense is not water based and it is non toxic, so it can safely be used on most surfaces as needed without causing any damage. It will dry completely with time, or you can simply wipe down surfaces like toys, picture frames, furniture and flooring with a dry cloth when you return home.

The aroma will be strong, so take a well deserved break and relax somewhere else for a couple of hours. When you return home, turn on the HVAC or Fans to circulate the air. You can even open the windows to help the aroma dissipate more quickly.

Now that all the bed bugs and eggs are dead, its time to clean up and get back to normal life. Vacuum all floors and furniture to eliminate any dead bed bugs you might find. If you have a vacuum with a bag, place it in a plastic bag before disposing of it. If you have a bag-less vacuum, dump the contents and filter into a plastic bag and wash the canister in hot water.

Finally, you can reassemble your bed and put the sheets, comforter, and pillows back as they were before. Then begin to put your room or home back in order. Congratulations on turning this nightmare into sweet dreams again!

Back at home, routine maintenance is also key to prevent beg bugs and other pests from making your home their home.

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