How to Kill Bed Bugs | Pest Control

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Learn how to kill bed bugs in this Howcast pest control video with expert Jeff White.

My name is Jeff White and I’m the research entomologist for Bedbug Central and the host of Bedbug TV, I have no idea how I got the bugs in bedbugs and here I am six years later and having a lot of fun working with bedbugs. And I’ll be talking to you about Pest Control. Uh-oh, you might’ve found a bedbug in your house, so the first question you’re going to ask yourself is, ‚Äòwhat do I use to kill these bugs?’ A lot of people see news stories about bedbugs becoming resistant to pesticides and if they’re resistant to pesticides how are you going to get these bugs out of your house? What are you going to use to kill them? Well, the trick is not killing the bugs that you can see, it’s knowing that most of the bedbugs that may unfortunately be in your home are hiding in cracks and crevices. And so it’s all about killing the bugs you can’t get directly to and so when it comes to killing bedbugs, you could use a hammer, a shoe; bedbugs do squish. They’re not like ticks. People think of you know ticks and how hard they are to squish in your fingers. Bedbugs are not that hard and you can readily squish them. So there’s lots of things you can use to kill the bugs that you can see. If you’re going to buy a pesticide, you can buy over-the-counter pesticides. A lot of pesticides will kill bugs on contact, if you spray them directly, most cans of pesticides will kill them. But remember the question is the bugs that are hiding. The bugs you can’t get to because once those pesticides dry, they may have no or very little effect on bedbugs. And the one thing I can say about pesticides is follow those label directions. Read the label very carefully; we’ve unfortunately heard of people hurting themselves with pesticides because they don’t follow the directions properly.They’re there for your protection. And so it’s not about you know how to kill bedbugs, 91% isopropyl alcohol can be one of the best ways to kill bugs and eggs on contact. You can go to your local store, you want to be careful with alcohol though because remember it is flammable and you can actually harm yourself with the vapors that alcohol produces. And so you want to use it in a targeted fashion. And so it’s not about how to kill bedbugs, whether it’s a shoe, a hammer, a can of pesticide, or some isopropyl alcohol there’s lots of ways to kill them. It’s about how to get those bugs you can’t see.

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  1. @meincraftbros your fing retarted you can get infected my grandma had em
    and let em bite her till she had to go to the hospital from bites and

  2. Make sure to hire a professional when dealing with bed bugs, they can move
    very quickly. Servall Pest Control is very experienced in dealing with bed

  3. woke up 4 times today… its 4:47AM and im doing research… I know where
    they are at and know they like me…. SOB…. i have blood stains in
    mattress, walls and everywhere…. I NEED CHUCK NORIS to piss on my
    mattress to kill them fucken bugs

  4. Make sure to hire a professional when dealing with bed bugs, they can move
    very quickly. 

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