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How to get rid of bed bugs | What really works?

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  1. Yes if you are just randomly applying it – such as base-boards etc – do
    note these have to actually walk over the area, and their eggs – to get
    additional try glue-traps or beddybugs (they’re cheap on ebay) to try to
    trap some of the stragglers – however glue strips (for ants / roaches /
    rats / mice etc) pretty much all work equally as well and are cheap – also
    with D.E. open all wall outlets and light switches and spray ample amounts
    in there it won’t hurt them

  2. Yes it does but its not only that alone like the video says its just one
    way of many. Baking soda sprinkled on the bed frame. And on the matress
    between the sheets seemed to work also . They dont seem to like it

  3. have you had any more bed bugs. Slam that door..I already know! I have
    never had bed bugs…and I do the preventative measures. At work, I do not
    hang my coats with other employee coats or the bosses coat for that
    matter…..I eat my lunch in my car. I refuse to sit where all those
    university students sit. I make sure I take my out- of- the- house -work-
    clothes off at the front door and put them in the hamper, run to the shower
    and take a hot boiling shower..then water my plants etc..

  4. They loaded us with chem trails since the 80’s the ones that lasted all
    day. Not the 15 min. blue angle show stuff. But the stuff with aluminum to
    help keep our temperatures more moderate according to them.Not a widely
    publicized thing for obvious reasons.Kinda like H.A.R.R.P.

  5. What DOES work is Diatomaceous Earth! and HEAT! (lock everything in your
    car in the summer heat!) PARK IN SUN ON blacktop parking lot!

  6. De takes a loong time, and in order for it to work, the bugs have to crawl
    through it..Not very affective for eggs etc…It’s really that simple

  7. I have em but not bad but cant get rid of em ive tried warm temperature
    vacuming rubbing alcohol everthing idk what to do

  8. DONT DO THIS!! just get a heat treatment done. and tell them you want it at
    150 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 hours. make sure they are certified!!!! the
    ones that are certified will know heat methodology, thermodynamics,
    convection currents, and heat vortexes. with out those it will be
    unsuccessful no mater what temps they have. you will hear people say you
    dont need temps much over 120 to be effective. its true but 120 is the
    minimum temp to be ovicidal. do you want minimal or do you want overkill? i
    like overkill 🙂 when you get heat treated dont take anything with you
    during the treatment. the more you take out the more your chances are of re
    infesting yourself! i started doing heat treatments 2/14/13 and have treat
    219 units for bedbugs and have had 100 percent kill rate.

  9. Alcohol may aggravate bed bugs for a little while. Actually people dont
    know this but there are other product that they hate as well. Products that
    you have at your house right now. Alcohol wont and cant assure you that
    they wont return . There is a way to keep bed bugs off of you and your
    furniture though. This manual changed my life Bed Bug Barriers on Amazon
    Kindle .

  10. HEAT is the ONLY way to eradicate these pests. Period. Disregard any
    other stupid home remedy, or you will have permanent roommates.

  11. borax left down smothers them like it kills fleas, lysol and alcohol with
    it work well. but you have to reapply over and over til the eggs hatch and
    you have the opportunity to kill them as well, wash your sheets daily…
    all clothes in plastic containers and sealed after you wash and dry them so
    you don’t re-expose, mattress covers for both matress and box springs help 

  12. How do I know if they are really gone after exterminator leaves and I find
    2 more crawling on me,and up my curtain?

  13. ***Sunlight my friends, sunlight 🙂 Daily during sunny days, windows of a
    bedroom wide open for several hours with bedding hanging out of the
    windows. Have you seen those pictures of our grandmothers? Homes with the
    bedroom windows facing south or the east will also benefit from hours of
    sunshine eliminating bedbugs for you, providing you are not silly enough to
    make up your bed right after you get up. Average adult will perspire over
    one litre of liquid during the night, if you cover it up with blankets and
    leave, you created perfect incubator for bed bugs. 

  14. Has to be 91% alcohol, and it will kill eggs and bugs, but also get a heat
    steamer and steam the bed and every crevice, it might get wet, but better
    than infested. Encase your mattress, get rid of all clutter, put what you
    can in the dryer. Clean everyday, even twice. My building got infested, I
    got rid of them while every other apt suffered. 

  15. Someone posting here said only heat will get rid of bed bugs. That’s simply
    wrong. I had them in my bed and I used Diatomaceous Earth or DE. From the
    minute I put the powder on the mattress and boxsprings and covered with
    plastic, as well as putting it around the bed, I didn’t have another bite.
    I didn’t have a huge infestation because I couldn’t see any residue of bugs
    on the mattress or anywhere. I saw no bed bugs period. So I didn’t put the
    powder around every single baseboard in the home. I only put the powder
    around the computer chair, sofa, toilet and bed, where I am most. I’m not
    having any problem with them since and still haven’t seen one. As soon as I
    put the powder down, not one more bite in the bed or elsewhere. DE works
    period. It’s cheap. I got it at Home Depot for $8-9. The powder works
    because it dries out their skin, which is their respiratory system. Here’s
    another tip. If you buy things from a thrift store, leave the bag in the
    heat of your car for 4 days, depending on how hot it is at that time of
    year. Don’t take used items indoors without letting the heat of the car
    kill anything that may be on them. 

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