25 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Prepping For a Bed Bugs Treatment”

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  2. I need help, im not sure what this is but there like athousand little black
    bugs living on all my shoes shoelaces, and my bed, blanket, computer
    screen. its everywhere, and just touching something will get me like 15 of
    em crawling on my arm, what are they? I thought they where baby ants or bed
    bugs but there not. Help. (look like blackdots)

  3. furniture havent quite fig that out yet but electronics i think u double
    bag for 2 mos;;inconvient but effective..google for more info

  4. When you get to the heart of it, the message is simple: just like in
    military strikes, some ground preparation may be needed for pest
    extermination to succeed.

  5. 1. I assume that freezing will kill them (though I’m not sure about its
    affect on eggs). If this is so, it might make things like phones and
    laptops that shouldn’t be heated savable. Someone will reply if my
    assumption is wrong.
    2. Any passage where you can caulk is one that you don’t have to keep
    spraying; look in the electrical and paint departments at HD for
    intumescent caulk and foam, which are safe to use in outlet boxes.
    3. Don’t buy upholstered furniture. Get futon-style sofas and chairs (the
    high end ones don’t actually fold like a futon, if you want a more formal
    look) with removable cushions. How can you ever be sure of what’s inside an
    upholstered sofa?

    PS: If you insist on heating your electrical equipment (even though you
    might ruin it), make certain that all the batteries have been removed
    first. A mini Tesla-fire in your kitchen can ruin your day.

  6. The trick is finding them early. My lovely neighbors that I share a wall
    with gave me bed bugs. My infestation was very minor and I was able to rid
    my bedroom without hiring anyone. If they would have spread throughout my
    apartment, it would have been more difficult. Wash your sheets and check
    your bed/box/frame regularly.

  7. shame your not in the uk. I have had pest control out twice in the last 3
    years and now my friends downstairs have it. it started after we had work
    done on our block of flats

  8. Had been dealing with bed bugs for 7months now. It’s really frustrating but
    hiring a pest control company is too expensive.

  9. I moved into some apts and found out that the whole apt complex across the
    street was infested by bedbugs and the owners just teared the place down an
    reconstructed like two years ago. Can bed bugs migrate like ants??? Im
    itchy now thinking there might be bedbug waiting for me to fall asleep and
    suck my blood. Eewwwww.

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