how to get rid of bed bugs | how to get rid of bedbugs | How to Kill Bed Bugs

Best way to kill bed bugs , learn how to get rid of bed bugs yourself , check how do you get rid of bed bugs naturally and fast find out best home remedies for bed bugs , today learn how to get rid of bed bugs in the house…
how to get rid of bed bugs | how to get rid of bed bugs yourself | How to Kill Bed Bugs

25 thoughts on “how to get rid of bed bugs | how to get rid of bedbugs | How to Kill Bed Bugs”

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  3. I just paid $330 for a hotel suite. Entire bed looked clean, white sheets
    ect. I sat on the bed and with in 5min of laying down I saw 2 bedbugs.
    These fuckers are even in the cleanest 5 star hotel

  4. I had experienced bed bugs in India. In cinema house seats, bus station
    benches, even boat seats, etc. In my childhood, once my whole house was
    infested. Mainly beds, mattresses, pillows, bed spreads…One day I was
    advised by an elderly man to try kerosene. It is a cheap petroleum product
    easily available in India even now. One day I took a metallic spray
    available those days (sixties) and sprayed liberally everything. Bed bugs
    never came back to my home after that. But I am now staying in UAE and it
    is there in Abu Dhabi and many other places. I stay in Ajman and I found my
    rented room is infested. I cannot get kerosene here. I tried barbeque
    lighting liquid but it doesn’t do the full trick, though it kills. I
    sprayed the bed and mattress with it, but after a couple of months bugs are
    coming with a vengence. I am planning to shift to another flat. Drying the
    entire things on building roof (now the temperature is rising) may be good
    idea. Discarding the afftected furniture and clothes is good.

  5. I don’t like these ugly little creepies that disturb your sleep. I hate
    them… moved to a friends place but might have carried some to my
    apartment. I dont know much its my first time to see these in my place… I
    tries the kerosene trick (not been told about it) I just thought find
    something to kill this guys and vuala…. nailed them and left the room for
    a week. Still checking for more signs.

    I hope the are gone.

    Note: Kerosene is the most easiest way cause i monitored some die.

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    I didn’t want to watch a video on isi wais for getting red of bed bocks.

  8. I try this but it didn’t work, then I find sleep369defense system and its
    really good…I hope they will never back!

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