How to get rid of bed bugs 100%

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How to kill bed bugs naturally.

How to get rid of bed bugs | What really works?

25 thoughts on “How to get rid of bed bugs 100%”

  1. They ARE NOT attracted by oxygen when we sleep, oxygen is everywhere. What
    he means is that they are attracted by the CARBON DIOXIDE that we exhale
    when we breathe.

  2. Why is this billed as “get rid of bed bugs 100%”? He says to call an
    exterminator. Good Info, but wrong title.

  3. On Dr oz didn’t they have something that that would kill bedbug you could
    put in every bedroom

  4. LA is child’s play. They need to get a NYC exterminator that has seen a
    thing or two on bedbugs over the last 2 decades. This guy isn’t helping

  5. Spraying yourself disperses the bugs into harder to reach locations. Use
    other tactics and hire professional exterminators if you fail.

  6. THAT’S NOT A TOTAL CURE, especially in total infestation, I have found a
    cheap easy cure in this video AND IT LASTS FOR YEARS AGAINST ALL BUGS,
    check this video: v=vF5KKz9BI-E

  7. use dettol antiseptic liquid + alcohol, dettol won’t be irritated, but
    alcohol for irritation skin won’t be good.
    if neck/ear/head’s itchy, baby wipes with antiseptic contains nature oil,
    will be healed.
    i put oregano + coffee on my bed sheet’s corner, before that without it,
    bugs bit me, but after i put them “folded tissue contains herbs, no bug bit
    me my skin. But if can’t hold the smell of herbs, use Pressurized Steam
    Cleaning and Sanitizing System, pour Dettol antiseptic + alcohol in it,
    spray each corner your bed, at the edges every morning & night.
    Also make trap with using Peanut butter + baking soda + alcohol. Wear some
    kind of legging pant/little bit tight, socks, & also never forget, put your
    upper tight cloth you wear inside the pant, every night your spray dettol
    antiseptic that mixed with water around neck, heads too, cos it smells so
    strong, bug hates it, but it’ll not burn your skin.

  8. i live in jakarta, so humid, i think it’s closed to Mexico’s weather,
    that’s why i hate to live here, to live in mountain is not safe for me as
    well, criminal’s there cos not closed to Police station. That’s why, i set
    up my air conditioner so cold, and every night i must put blanket, i have a
    cover to protect my heads, neck, waist. Sometimes i put on UV protection
    cream on my neck & face, hand with antiseptic as well, so it long lasting
    on skin.
    Better not to use spring bed, i give it up forever, i’ll design my own
    bed’s furniture, then use P500 Therapy Surface, more lighter to live up, &
    should cover all over it from Plastic Canvas. Never kept any kind box from
    paper, put book in the plastic box, with tight lid. My uncle is so dumb,
    when he blamed me i was the only one brought bugs from old house, i was so
    mad, i told him, i dumped my bed, i use new paper box, but in the box, i
    put wet tissue contains roach’s killer, i told him its from his son’s old
    bed here, and also they stays in her daughter’s bed (90% new), i told him,
    i hate him so much like i hate my grandpa, rich men but never thought bugs
    love WOOD FURNITURE, BEDS in humid.
    I asked them to take a look on my uncle’s young brother’s house, he use
    aluminum metal for table, storage, not like him all woods.
    i always put some my clothes i want to wear in freezer 1st to kill bug,
    just in case.
    That’s why when i move out to new apartment, i’ll show my uncle how i pack
    everything without paper box, all things will be put in the bag, in
    luggage, of course i’ll spray bleach in luggage before i put the bag
    contains my stuffs & leave it for 1 week when i stay on new apartment, i
    won’t use any carpets, no wall papers, nothing with woods, i’ll cover my
    room with aluminum, bunk bed from aluminum metal, and underneath put dettol
    antiseptic liquid. Yesterday i cover my surge cable in plastic bag, and i
    already to put wet tissue bugs killer, it’s hard to check one by one,
    better do it every night

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