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Bed bugs are a big concern with many of our customers. There’s been so much news coverage, lately, it’s not surprising. People either coming home from a family vacation or some work related travel, and they notice the bites, they’re alarmed to say the least. Bed bugs can take in six times their weight in blood and a feeding only takes three to ten minutes. The thought of something feeding on you in the middle of the night while you’re asleep will give anyone nightmares.

Signs that you may have a bed bug infestation may include small brown spots, which is actually fecal matter, on your bedding or small blood smears on sheets. Terminix has a very effective Bed Bug treatment called RapidFreeze. We use carbon dioxide to freeze the insects, taking care of the eggs and nymphs. You can leave your electronics in the room and, best of all, it only takes an afternoon. Our RapidFreeze treatment is guaranteed for 30 days or, if you purchase a mattress cover, the guarantee is extended to 90 days.

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  1. I need help, im not sure what this is but there like athousand little black
    bugs living on all my shoes shoelaces, and my bed, blanket, computer
    screen. its everywhere, and just touching something will get me like 15 of
    em crawling on my arm, what are they? I thought they where baby ants or bed
    bugs but there not. Help.

  2. I might have the cheapest solution to bedbugs. the maximum temp I bedbug
    can live through is 115 degrees F. what if you took 2 or 3 hairdryers and
    went around heating up all the corners and small places they like to hide.
    would that work?

  3. @Crazymagus13 DDT not legal. Suspend SC mixed with Kicker. Follow label
    directions and preparation will make or break you. Bag and remove all
    clothes, shoes, linen wash and dry at temp over 120 degrees. Shoes put in
    dryer. All drawers empty, suitcases empty, pictures off walls, cd’s video
    tapes, books, the whole place will need to be inspected and sprayed.
    Mattresses, box springs insde and out, bed frame, Tempo dust inside all
    wall outlets. That’s a start.

  4. @Jw0ng I’ve heard of people using multiple space heaters and leaving them
    unill it gets to 130degrees. Don’t know how long they leave it like that
    but I don’t know if that would work for a big house.

  5. @SummerxScandelous DDT was banned because it supposedly caused cancer. Ddt
    is very effective and I don’t think the bed bug population developed
    resistance but are increasing because ddt is no longer being used.

  6. terminix,i have bed bugs in my house and i have a question, i have a
    japanese way of living where i dont have beds and i sleep on the floor, my
    floor is wood, and my mattress is infested(not too much)…. do they hide
    in the small holes?? i also have wooden furnitures all around….

  7. @TheWheatisHeat96 i do agree with u and i question god sometimes, i think
    that he has his purpose…. maybe bed bugs are punishment for men, they may
    even cure diseases?? no one knows, i’m seriously sick when i saw those
    things in my house but what can we do??!! we just have to do our best to
    get rid of it…..

  8. Plz don’t spoil your money, just get some Basil Leaves (also known as Basil
    Seeds which is being used in cold-ring ) and put their leaves under every
    corner of the bed, sofas etc. Bed Bugs will be killed by its fragrance.
    It’s my promise. One thing more, m not here for any advertisement or
    something else but just to help you all. Please, do it now, I’ll be waiting
    for your response. Thanks for reading !!

  9. rrow termite exterminators group
    What are bed bugs? before you start to control.
    Bed bugs are small, brownish, flattened insects that
    feed on the blood of people while they sleep.
    Although the bite does not hurt at the time, it may
    develop into an itchy welt similar to a mosquito bite.
    Bed bugs do not transmit disease, but they can
    cause significant itchiness, anxiety, and
    sleeplessness. Bed bug infestations are also very
    difficult and expensive to control.
    Usually, bed bugs will hide during the day and only
    come out to feed during the night. Unlike head lice,
    they do not live on a person. However, they can
    hitchhike from one place to another in backpacks,
    clothing, luggage, books, and other items.
    Could my classroom be infested?
    Actual bed bug infestations in schools are uncommon. More commonly, a few
    bed bugs
    will hitchhike to school from an infested home by hiding in a student’s
    clothing or backpack.
    Bed bugs that hitch a ride into the school in one student’s backpack could
    be carried home
    by another student, making the school a potential hub for bed bug spread.
    This is not a
    minor concern – bed bugs are very expensive and difficult to eradicate.
    If a school plans to use pesticides to control pests indoors, then they are
    required under
    Michigan law to have an integrated pest management (IPM) plan in place. If
    a bed bug
    infestation is suspected or a number of students are getting bitten during
    class, the school
    should contact a licensed pest management professional for assistance.
    This fact sheet has revied by arrow termite & pest control during control
    of bedbugs in schools in mwingi town
    Bed Bugs: What Schools Need to Know
    What if I find a bed bug on a student?
    If a bed bug is found on a student, it may indicate that the student has
    bed bugs at home.
    However, bed bugs can crawl onto or off of a person (or their belongings)
    at any time, so it
    is also possible that the bed bug was brought to school by someone else. If
    a suspected
    bed bug is found on a student or a student’s belongings, the following
    procedures should
    be followed:
    • The student should be discreetly removed from the classroom so that the
    school nurse or a
    qualified individual can examine the student’s clothing and other
    belongings. Any bugs found
    should be removed and collected for identification. Try to keep the
    specimens as intact as
    • If a confirmed bed bug was found on a student, then the school principal
    or nurse should contact
    the student’s parents or guardian to inform them of the bed bug presence on
    their child. Consider
    sending a bed bug inspection form home, a sample is provided at the end of
    this document..
    • The school principal or nurse or center program director should consider
    notifying the affected
    class or classes. A sample notification letter is provided at the end of
    this document.
    • Students should not be excluded from school due to bed bugs unless
    repeated efforts have been
    made to remedy an infestation. Schools should not be closed due to bed bug
    presence, if pest
    management is necessary it will normally be targeted to certain areas of
    the school.
    • Ongoing pest management that includes the use of pesticides indoors
    should be overseen by the
    school principal or designee and must conform to the school’s integrated
    pest management plan,
    as required by Kenyan law .
    What can I do to eliminate bed bugs
    from my classroom?
    • DO NOT allow untrained staff to apply pesticides on
    school property. By law, only IPM trained applicators
    can apply pesticides like arrow termite and pest control professional
    (even ready-to-use products like
    sprays) in schools, and in compliance with the school’s
    IPM plan.
    • Backpacks, lunchboxes, and other items that travel
    back and forth to school can also be inspected daily
    and sealed in plastic containers to prevent bed bugs
    from getting into them at home.
    • Hard surfaces can be cleaned with standard cleaning
    • If bed bugs have been found repeatedly in a particular
    classroom, have the room inspected by a pest
    management professional or other trained staff.
    What if one of my students has an infestation at home?
    When a student is dealing with an infestation at home, it is important to
    be sensitive to their
    problem. Although bed bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness or
    socioeconomic status,
    there is still a stigma that can come with having bed bugs. As a result,
    parents may be
    hesitant to admit to having bed bugs, and students may not want others to
    know they have
    an infestation at home. Students living in an infested home may also feel
    anxious or tired
    during the school day.
    Schools should work with the parents of any student living in an infested
    home to develop
    strategies for preventing the further spread of bed bugs.
    • Determine if the infested home is being treated. Home remedies and
    do-it-yourself treatments
    are usually insufficient and could cause negative health effects or produce
    potential hazards in
    the home.
    • If a parent lacks the financial resources to hire a pest management
    professional, they can contact arrow termite & pest control offices for
    • In an infested home, parents should store their child’s freshly laundered
    clothing in sealed plastic
    bags until they are put on in the morning. This prevents bed bugs from
    hiding in the clothing and
    being carried to school.
    • Backpacks, lunchboxes, and other items that travel back and forth to
    school can also be
    inspected daily and stored in sealed plastic containers at home to prevent
    bed bugs from getting
    into them.
    • At school, the student could be provided with plastic bags or bins in
    which to store their
    belongings in order to prevent any bed bugs from spreading to other
    students’ belongings.
    • If bed bugs are finding their way into the school, consider notifying the
    affected classes. A
    sample notification letter is provided at the end of this document.
    • Continue to use these measures until successful treatment of the home has
    been verified.
    Additional Resources

    Bed bug image provided by arrow termite and pest control
    Department of Entomology
    how to examine
    Discreetly remove child from classroom.
    Qualified individual should examine
    clothes, belongings, and locker for
    presence of bed bugs. Attempt to collect
    specimen for confirmatory identification.
    Consider sending parent notification
    letter (provided) for all students in
    affected classrooms.
    Have trained staff or school pest
    management contractor inspect room(s)
    for evidence of bed bug infestation.
    Notify child’s parents by phone. Bed bug
    inspection report (provided), and
    educational materials should be sent
    home with student. Parents should
    inspect or have pest management
    professional inspect the home and return
    notification letter. NO evidence of
    bed bug infestation
    Maintain vigilance
    Follow school IPM plan for treatment.
    Notify staff and parents of treatment.
    Evidence of bed
    bug infestation
    NO evidence of
    bed bug infestation
    School Responsibility:
    Providing a healthy, pest-free environment in which students can excel
    Parent/Caregiver Responsibility:
    Providing a safe and healthy living environment for the student
    • assumes specimen is
    confirmed bed bug
    Investigate other
    potential sources
    of bed bugs.
    Promote rapid response by parents to
    treat the infestation at home. Provide
    educational materials and guidance if
    assistance is necessary.

    Bed Bugs Found in a Classroom
    Parent Notification Letter
    (Use appropriate school letterhead)
    Dear Parent or Guardian:
    We recently found a bed bug in your child’s classroom. Bed bugs are a
    nuisanceWhen a bed bug is found, it can be difficult to
    determine the source. A bed bug found on a person or
    belongings may have come from another person.
    Similar to head lice, it is very important to address the
    issue with care and sensitivity. There is no
    association between cleanliness, and bed bug
    infestations. Anyone can experience an infestation.

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  11. Local, owner operated pest control in MA and NH. Member BBB. Most work with
    warranty. Low dose/reduced risk/green products available.

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