Hot Shot® Bedbug Application – Your Own Exterminator

Be Your Own Exterminator – Learn a few tips on how you can treat bedbugs inside your home using Hot Shot’s products. This video shows proper use and application. Read the instructions on each product bottle before doing anything!

2 thoughts on “Hot Shot® Bedbug Application – Your Own Exterminator”

  1. Everywhere I’ve read it says not to use foggers. They only kill on contact,
    so bedbugs in crevices don’t die. Many have time to crawl into crevices and
    walls before they can die, then they spread to more rooms of the house and
    lay more eggs. I would not use the foggers.

  2. from what i have read on the internet you should spray the spray first in
    cracks and crevices and then use the fogger, so the bugs retreat where the
    spray has already been applied. i just bought spray and fogger and am about
    to try spraying first and fog second

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