19 thoughts on “Home Pest Control : How to Kill Bedbugs With Natural Products”

  1. I bought some cedar oil from texas cedar oil. they say mix 10% yea right. I
    mixed it with like 30-40% with water. it smells strong but not that bad, It
    kills on contact and repels them. the stronger the better. I notice a few
    bedbug in the kitchen crawling to their deaths like days after i sprayed.
    Try it out. pure cedar oil. i sprayed this stuff by all the doors and in
    all the corners. then i bought bed bug foggers and bombed the house like
    crazy. lets see if they return…

  2. When I moved to my grandmothers, I only had a mattress, so my mother gave
    me a bed frame. She didn’t know she had bed bugs. So after realizing there
    were bed bugs on it (I can just instantly feel it when they feed on me), I
    immediately disassembled the bed, put it outside and bombed the room. For
    over three weeks, I left it out there covered with a tarp. On the second
    weekend I bombed it while it was still covered. Tonight, I thought it was
    finally safe and brought it back in. I found a baby.

  3. Bed bug foggers make them run and hide in sewers and walls. The Cedar oil
    does repel them, but u have to continue using it and its expensive. If u
    have neighbors like in a duplex or apartment they will run next door and
    come back later especially when it’s hot. The best way is to starve them
    out by staying somewhere else. Use the bed bug bowls they have for the foot
    of the bed to trap them. I also heard about hot ice /dry ice there
    attracted to that stuff.

  4. You can kill COCKROACHES using boric acid by applying it into the areas
    where they hide — they crawl on it, it gets on their bodies, they clean
    themselves using their mouths, a little bit of boric acid will get into the
    stomach, and the insects will die. Boric acid is STOMACH POISON! Now, how
    will it get into bed bug’s stomach? He sucks blood — wrong mouthparts! Bed
    bugs will not be sucking boric acid in. You need a CONTACT pesticide, dude,
    e.g. diatomaceous earth.

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  6. Boric acid does NOT kill bed bugs. It does kill roaches and other crawling
    pests that can injest it. I have not seen this approved for bed application
    either! Do your research!

  7. Boric acid should not be used on a bed, it is natural but also poisonous.
    The 91% alcohol & water works and so does heat and cold below 32degrees and
    making use of your vacuum cleaner. The real question is how to keep from
    getting re-infested? They didn’t just show up, you brought them home. I
    have a solution to stop the cycle.

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