25 thoughts on “Home Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Heat”

  1. Bedbugs don’t just live in beds and furniture, they thrive in and behind
    paneling,wood framing behind picture frames. And you can become a human
    carrier if not careful when moving mattereses,transporting them to another
    house, I treat mobile homes and motels all the time, heat works,propane
    heater,160degree for 4 hrs. but they also run and hide under base boards to
    escape. I want to see someone steam through paneling, getting rid of them
    is not that easy as shown

  2. Thats what I mint by saying “They have no purpose in life like bees or
    earth worms” But I didnt want to do alot of typing explaining how they help
    us because I thought most people would know that already.

  3. WOW! Learn english. It’s ACTUALLY your fault as the term is ‘unlike’, as in
    they don’t help, unlike bees. So go shake your head somewhere else you

  4. Be careful where I STAY in future. Steam cleaner! No 1 vacuum the bed and
    skirting boards. Well, Summer’s on the way down south.

  5. Thank goodness! I saw the thumbnail for this video and I thought you were
    going to tell people to use a hair dryer to kill bed bugs!

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