EcoRaider — Science behind killing bed bugs

In a recent study by Rutgers University, published in Pest Control Technology
Magazine, among all the bed bug control products were tested side by side. EcoRaider was identified as the ONLY natural product that kills bed bugs with 100% efficacy.

What makes EcoRaider so special and different from other products that may sound similar? EcoRaider is special because its active ingredients are made of enhanced natural insecticidal compounds. For millions of years, plants have naturally produced these compounds to fight against all type of insect predators.

EcoRaider’s patented engineering process optimizes these natural insecticidal
compounds, and then redoubles their effectiveness, so that the active ingredients are able to produce an output with much greater potency.

EcoRaider is special also because of its uniquely formulated booster. The active ingredients of EcoRaider are micro-emulsified, broken down into near-nano size particles. The booster, which is of the same nano size, easily penetrates bed bug
exoskeletons and egg shells, carrying the active ingredients into the bodies and eggs of bed bugs, where they attack from inside. The booster also allows active ingredients thoroughly infiltrate even the smallest cracks and crevices in rooms and furniture.

EcoRaider is different because its active ingredients attack the bed bug’s neuron
transmitters like falling Tetris blocks — repeatedly striking until the bed bug is
—paralyzed… and dead. Because these critical neuron transmitters targeted by EcoRaider do not exist in mammals, birds or fish — EcoRaider is lethal to bed bugs — but non-toxic to humans…or pets!

And…EcoRaider is different because all ingredients are cosmetic grade. They are in compliance with FDA Generally Recognized as Safe standards and are widely used in skin applied products.

There is more…All EcoRaider’s ingredients are derived from natural sources, and
evenly distributed in a water-based solution. So it is 100% biodegradable — and leaves no trace in our ecosystem. It’s indeed, truly green!

Recent tests by Rutgers University Entomology Lab, a leading bed bug research facility, confirmed EcoRaider’s effectiveness in killing bed bugs — and their eggs. Lab reports have proven that “EcoRaider can kill 50% of the bed bugs within the first hour and kill 99% within the first 2 hours.”

Not only is EcoRaider non-toxic and effective in killing bed bugs, it is also easy to use. It comes ready-to-use as-is; EcoRaider requires no mixing with other substance, no bulky equipment to bring on-site, no extraordinary precautions — just a simple sprayer, so you can use with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that the bed bugs are dead but your family, friends and pets — are safe!

EcoRaider is truly the future of green pest control technology! Whether you are a pest management professional, a home owner, or a business owner, EcoRaider is your NO.1 choice for bed bug treatment.

So…ask your pest control professional — or your pest control supplier — about EcoRaider.

And be sure to look for us on the web!

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