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Video produced with testing bug repellent against bedbugs? Can insect repellent prevent bedbugs? Test results look promising. Bedbug repellent just might help solve the nation’s woes of this spreading bed bug epidemic. From the bedbug dog sniffing team in Phoenix AZ, and your local pest control company, Bulwark Exterminating, this is one video you will want to watch.

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25 thoughts on “Does Bug Repellent Work on Bed Bugs – Bulwark Exterminating”

  1. Seems like the 550k the government is spending is overkill … a 50 cent
    bottle of bug spray looks like it will do the trick. I wonder if that will
    work on a mattress if you cover it with bug spray when you first buy them??

  2. @eplanit Still testing the different types of bug repellent. We have some
    more results on the duration of the repellent.

  3. Sweet. Never know where you’ll encounter those lil bastards. Note to self:
    buy insect repellant for the next road trip!

  4. In my infinite wisdom, I would not let that bedbug sit on my arm for even a
    moment! Hands from heaven would come smashing down on that bedbug until it
    was no longer a threat!

  5. @frank0067 We have not tested Off deep wood, but we did test Repel 100
    DEET. It actually killed the bed bug, most likely due to the DEET being
    still fresh and wet on the first attempt.

  6. I applied this quite generously last night without watching this. Ive been
    having bug bites and it actually worked! Not a single bite.

  7. Yes! Its actually quite a phenomenal product. It’s nice finally having a
    bug spray that prevents bed bugs. They’re nasty little critters.

  8. Great demo…request for another??? My longtime favorite mosquito repellent
    is a mixture of Skin-So-Soft, Rubbing alcohol, Dawn and water. Care to test
    that mixture? Sure would love to know, staying in hotels is becoming an
    unpleasant experience causing serious concern. I am thinking spare the
    mattress with flea or lice spray, keep everything in plastic and repellant
    as prevetative measures.

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