DIY Bed Bug Monitors: Creating a Trap Around the Bed Leg (BBTV #57)

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @JWhiteBBTV – – – In this episode Jeff will discuss how to make a bed bug barrier and/or interception device for your bed or couches at home. Many don’t have the money to afford commercially available interception devices and this will discuss some ways to create your own. A bed bug barrier attempts to prevent bed bugs from gaining access to the bed but making the bed legs unable to be climbed. These monitors will only work if the sheets are tucked in, the bed is pulled away from the wall and no other items touch the floor. Bed bug interception devices catch the bugs as they travel to and from the bed. By using such items as soapy water, oil, sticky tape, glue and Vaseline, you can created your own interception devices using a household container. Please remember that when creating a barrier device bed bugs should not be able to climb the outside of the container but when creating an interception device they should be able to climb the outside of the container. Also, remember that these devices should not be viewed as control tools and will most likely not control your bed bug infestation

25 thoughts on “DIY Bed Bug Monitors: Creating a Trap Around the Bed Leg (BBTV #57)”

  1. Very thorough and informative. On behalf of all others who are too
    embarrassed to admit they have been here and thank you, “Thanks! “

  2. good luck with that…. if it was as simple as killing all the bedbugs in
    the mattress they wouldnt be such a big problem to get rid of. Why not just
    put a mattress cover on the bed it cheaper than what your suggesting

  3. believe it or not, there have been several stories of people lighting their
    beds on fire inside buildings because they are so frustrated…now that’s
    bed bugs pushing you to the edge

  4. I thought these were delat with before I moved… I swear I feel like that
    is a legitimate option at this point… I need to sleep…

  5. I see this incredibly long video is from Oct 2010. I hope to God you have
    at least a lav mic by now. Especially when calling your channel something

  6. Fuck his advice! Buy Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade! IT ELIMINATES ALL KINDS
    OF PESTS, even INTERNAL PARASITES IF DRANK with a teaspoon of water! With

  7. The best way to deal with the problem is to completely cover your bed with
    a tarp and place a heater under it set on high for a few hours, but be sure
    you are at home the whole time watching it because using that method is
    somewhat of a fire hazard. And be sure to hold down the corners of the tarp
    with something heavy like books.

  8. Just cover the whole bed with a tarpaulin and place the heater under it and
    turn it on, making sure you place heavy objects around the bottom to hold
    the tarp down. Stick a thermometer under the tarp from time to time making
    sure the temperature stays at about 120 degrees and keep it going for most
    of the day so the heat will penetrate the whole thing, but make sure you
    stay close by because like i mentioned earlier it is a possible fire hazard.

  9. Powder your bed floor pets food drawers clothes and cereal with food grade
    Diatomacous Earth like we have been doing for thousands of years and don’t
    put up with any bugs.

  10. You can use these barriers and also add a mattress cover (to protect your
    mattress) and if you are worried about bed bugs climbing up the wall and
    dropping just use a “toldillo”(I don’t know how you say that in English).
    They will starve to death.

  11. 3M makes different mounting tapes. The one you had in your hand Jeff, was
    the least sticky. Look for the ones that hold 5, 10 or 20 pounds.

  12. I bought a new mattress set, and I think I am never going to take off the
    plastic. Then they can’t get into the mattress, at least.

  13. dude vaseline !!! put that shit around all of your baseboards and on the
    feet of the bed, if you have a major problem put it in the seems of the
    mattress and the bottom of the boxspring, i know vaseline will kinda ruin
    the mattress but if you’re infested with bedbugs than you know your
    mattress is allready ruined. but yeah all of the baseboards around the
    perimeter of the room and on the feet of the mattress, your numbers will go
    down 90-100%, with this method you will be the only bed bug free apartment
    in the building. it’s non toxic and cheap, like a dollar a jar. get

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