Create a Co2 Bedbug Trap using The “Missouri Method”

Joel Z. Williams teaches poor people how to construct a cheap, non-toxic, long-lasting trap which kills bedbugs for weeks! Please go to my blogspot page to get more detailed information at:

25 thoughts on “Create a Co2 Bedbug Trap using The “Missouri Method””

  1. nice thing to do posting these and for free at that you are a righteous
    dude!, i live where begbugs are said to be worst in nation, we have people
    in my building who have had them, i will make one of these as another way
    to keep tabs and check. hopefully none will be in the traps. they come in
    and inspect and i visually check but this is good to know.

  2. Thank you so much for all your advice in these vids and the blog. Last
    night, I slept in terror on my futon after (uselessly) spraying pesticides
    all over my bedroom. Today, I felt like a real crusher of bedbug dreams,
    using simple household items. Tonight, I’ll sleep like a baby. 

  3. this guy posted a video.. that he got great results and shows the
    results from a co2 bed-bug trap that he made check it out the name of the
    his page is The1999info

  4. @Luvcatz88 I wish I could respond directly to your post, but the new YT
    format will not permit me.(hate that!) Anyways, thanks for giving me an
    update and I’m very interested in which bowl you used, as you mentioned
    that the BBs were able to climb out?

  5. Need to make your trap. Not sure where they are hiding. Very discouraged
    that I’ve been dealing with this on and off for almost a year. I have gone
    months at a time with no bites and no sightings of them and as soon as I
    think they are gone I get bitten. I now have about 6-7 bites. Found one
    small BB in my bed tonight. I really thought the mattress,box spring
    encasements, spray and DE would rid me of this but obviously they are still
    here. Can’t even contact the landlord because the awful pest control is
    likely responsible for this never-ending nightmare as my son first had the
    bugs and after the pest control came and only treated his room the BB
    relocated to my room. This is such a helpless mess and now I’m having
    trouble sleeping. Although I wrap up in a sheet with only my head exposed
    they still bite me. 

  6. And you can make pruno to while your at it. Science in the kitchen Dude! I
    love it. It’s nice to see someone putting up old fanshioned remedies, like
    my Great Grandma Marie Lash from Texas used to do. Your teaches us Big City
    folk to.o. God Bless you for that!

  7. Yes, that will work fine. Although I would add that at this stage of the
    infestation it is more important to do a through mattress encasement using
    dry ice. That is where I would focus my energy at this point. You can get
    even more directions on how to do that at

  8. A bedbug trap will not eliminate a bedbug infestation. It is, however, a
    great way to detect a bedbug population/contamination. If the well-placed
    trap is empty, you can sleep tight, and if there are trapped bedbugs you
    can take steps to exterminate them.

  9. hi ! I am from saudi aurbia and we have bed bugs I love your your way
    bed bugs hate good small hurbs I use nume leaf and ornge dry peel with
    fire it make theme sick I think !

  10. My friends, ”congratulations” I have discovered a very simple, cheep,
    tried and tested solution to get rid of bedbugs.” Mothballs” yes that’s
    right mothballs. Just lift up your mattress and place lots of mothballs
    underneath it. use elasticated bed sheet. lift up the elastic and fill
    mothball between the edges of the mattress and the bed sheet, secure it
    with safety pin if necessary. But bugs hate the strong smell of mothballs.
    It makes them sick and kills them. It takes up to two days before you
    discover the results . when you will find a bed bug in your bed, it will be
    a dead one.After a week they will become history. You might not find the
    strong smell of mothballs pleasant . so leave the windows open. And please
    warn your children that mothballs are lethal to the bed bugs and are not
    candy or sweet. sleep tight. 

  11. I just started on my bedbug trap and I’m not sure if its producing co2. i
    tried inserting straw into clear water to check for bubbles but they isnt
    any. But in the mixture itself I see tiny bubbles popping. So is it
    working? Color is yellow lemonade color tho.
    I need help on my yeast sugar mixture. It always doesnt foam much. Is the
    water temperature important?
    How much sugar and yeast should I use for mixture?
    Also I saw a bedbug just walking across the trap, not even bothered by the
    trap.! Thats so disappointing!

  12. Yes it is safe to use the Co2 generator in an enclosed room. The amount of
    Co2 produced by the generator is comparable to having another adult
    sleeping in the room with you. Totally harmless.

  13. We had an infestation a year ago and called pest control. guys to come in.
    It took awhile to conquer the bugs. Found out they were embedded in the
    wooden bunk bed frame.Got rid of the frame and was bug free. Until now.
    Did not notice them on the mattress but finally found them embedded in the
    screw holes of the wooden bed frame. The eggs and bugs were LOADED in each
    hole. We just burned the frame. I did make a CO2 trap last night but no
    bugs at all in the trap. I emptied the room. Children slept in another
    room in their clean dried clothes and blankets. All the clothes I ran
    through the dryer on high for 40 minutes. I want to put Diatemaceous earth
    down in the room also. I guess my questions are 1) How soon would you move
    back into that room. 2) what would you do for the rest of the house being
    that we carried that bed out of the house? What is the chance that they
    fell off going out of the house? We had left over glue traps from last
    year’s infestation. We have put those glue strips down on all the other
    beds. What else would you do we can not afford a pest control guy to come
    out. Plus my one daughter got bad headaches every time they would spray.
    Any other helpful hints.

  14. I have another question. We took the beds out of the room. All their
    clothes in that room I ran through the dryer for 40 minutes. We set up the
    CO2 trap. But no bugs this morning. Does that mean there are no bugs in
    there? How long would you stay clear of that room?

  15. Hey I was wondering if you could kpost a list of all the ingredients you
    ujse and the measurement between everything.

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