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What Are Bed Bugs?

Although previously thought eradicated in most first world countries, bed bugs are now back with a vengeance. Bed bugs are now appearing all over – from homes to hotels in addition to the workplace.

The prevalence of bed bugs has made individuals clamor for bed bug control specialists to help them eliminate this problem.

Exactly What Are Bed Bugs?

The Cimex Lectularius, more commonly known as bed bugs, are reddish-brown parasitic parasites that feed upon the blood of individuals and animals. They are very small, flat and wingless. Usually, these bugs vary in size from 1mm to 7mm.

Because of their size, they can crawl and take cover in the tiniest of places. These insects relocate from location to location by traveling with garments and baggage of individuals who have actually stayed in a bed bug infested location. It should also be kept in mind that hygiene does not have anything to do with bed bug control.

These parasites are nicknamed bed bugs since they mainly feed while the host is sleeping in bed. But when you are checking for an infestation of bed bugs, all rooms and furnishings of the residence should be checked thoroughly.

Controlling These Pests

As mentioned previously, bed bug infestations are independent of hygiene conditions. Bed bugs infest homes because they were introduced into those home, typically by visitors, from second hand home furnishings bought at a yard sale, or even by the owners themselves after coming from a bug plagued location like a hotel.

An indication that bed bugs are around are the dark spots they leave. These dark spots are fecal matter from the bed bugs and are one of the first identifiable markers, after the victim has been bitten by them.

A sure sign of bug problem is when there are a lot of raised red spots present on the face, neck, arms, hands or legs after that person has risen from bed. As soon as a person starts showing indications of bites from these parasites, it’s best to prepare or get in touch with your local pest control expert.

Controlling and removing bed bugs needs to be comprehensive and should be carried out by experts. Just killing the bugs that you see, and not their eggs, will mean your problem hasn’t gone away, and will eventually become even more magnified.

If you are in Fort Myers and suspect that you have a bed bug problem, then call us at (239) 603-6608 as soon as possible, and we will send a team of Fort Myers pest control exerts to assess the situation.

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