CimeXa Desiccant Powder for Pest Control of Bedbugs (2 of 2 videos)

The 2nd part of a two-part series on how to defeat bedbug infestations for less than using CimeXa desiccant powder.

Cheap, easy to apply, and very effective non-toxic way to control pests.

18 thoughts on “CimeXa Desiccant Powder for Pest Control of Bedbugs (2 of 2 videos)”

  1. I am a single father of two young children and have been looking for a
    product that could help us get rid of the bed bugs I have gotten, (From
    where I don`t know)? Just wanted to say thank you for posting this video .

  2. Hello Joel. I’m not a single mother but I am a single woman on welfare and
    I just found my second bedbug in my bed and now have up to 10 + itchy bumps
    all over my body and I am beyond desperate for a quick solution. I can send
    you five dollars if you would accept it from a lady who has no children. I
    can’t sleep, eat or halfway function trying to figure out how I can
    eradicate these bugs when I have so little money to do all the extremely
    helpful suggestions that you have posted in your other videos.
    I hope to hear from you soon and Thank You for any consideration.

  3. Thanks for making this video. I am going to try this as soon as possible. I
    just recently got bed bugs and I am worried about them spreading. So far
    they are only in one room. Obviously it’s my bed.

  4. I’m pretty positive I don’t have bed bugs. But, it’s been 10 days since I
    first found bites (probably have 100 right now). I have not seen any trace
    of any bugs at all. I’ve had bird mites 9 months ago, it has been 6 months
    since we got any bites. But, I cannot find any traces of bugs anywhere.
    I’ve used glue strips, randomly taped different sections of furniture,
    inspected all the furniture, yet I can’t find anything. I discovered
    diatomaceous earth a couple days ago and covered the entire bedroom and
    door frames two nights ago. But, I’m much more excited about this! I
    stumbled across Cimexa and so glad I stumbled across your video. It totally
    sold me on it! Thanks! Let’s hope it works against mites or whatever these
    weird invisible bugs are.

  5. Hi Joel…I am a single mother with 3 young boys and am DESPERATE for a
    solution to this bedbug problem. I have even thrown away my boys bunk bed
    set due to failed products i have tried and am now thinking about getting
    rid of mine as well…can i please send you the $5 to try this product? I
    tried DE powder and 0 success.

  6. Thank you, Joel! Your advice worked for me. I am a public health nurse
    and would also like to pass on your techniques to my patients and families.
    I’m not sure how to contact you, though. Do you have a public email

  7. Can I spray it directly on to the bed and then cover with bedbug
    encasement. Because my bed is queen size pillow top with creases and
    crevices everywhere. 

  8. cimexa kills a bunch of other bugs like spiders and roaches too WOOHOO.
    time to put it to use. we moved into a bad apartment with all of the above
    and we have our work cut out for us

  9. what do you guys think about the scars left from scratching bedbug bites?
    do they ever completely go away?

  10. just ordered a 4 oz cimexa and long neck puffer. should be easier to reach
    the baseboards behind sinks without moving everything. highly recommend
    that after trying to apply that peanut butter looking stuff for roaches
    under/behind our sinks. major pain!

  11. Joel I found one bed bug in my house. Just one. I’m 100% sure I know where
    it came from, but I haven’t been bitten since my finding or anything. I
    react very badly to bedbug bites. In my house I have not gotten bit once.
    Do you think I “won the lottery” and found the first bedbug before it was
    able to reproduce?
    I stayed at a place that was massively infested with bedbugs I had red
    blotches all over my body while my girlfriend had nothing. That’s why I’m
    pretty sure I don’t have any. I put Tupperware on the legs of my bed, to
    prevent others if any from getting on it, and my bed is 12 inches away from
    the wall. What do you think? What should I do?

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