Bio d’Bug – Bed Bug Control

No more annoying mysterious skin lesions due to unseen bedbugs! Our all natural insect repellent technology, specially formulated into a convenient, easy-to-use spray, is highly effective at controlling bedbugs currently blighting private homes as well as the hospitality industry. Until now, there has been no solution to this very challenging problem. The product contains a naturally occurring active ingredient that is registered by the US EPA and exempted from registration by the Malaysia Pesticide Board. Highly efficacious, it is safe to use for all, including children and pets. Now formulated with two key active ingredients combination mix, with synergistic effect, that specifically targets Cimicidae bedbugs.

Your Home the Green Way

Everyone dreams of having the perfect home and goes to great lengths to install the latest of everything possible — from security alarms, CCTVs to various gadgets – to keep it safe. However, we often overlook the silent and unseen ‘trespassers’- pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi) and insects — that pose serious health threats right inside our homes.

Utilising our unique biotechnologies, we provide a range of services to sanitize the indoor space from disease-causing pathogens, eliminate Dengue-carrying mosquitoes and protect against other insect pests.

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