Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap; Better Than Any CO2 Traps

Most bed bug control methods are obsolete. It is nonsense to kill bed bugs at daytime, feed them at night, and let a survived one lay up to 300 eggs. This method converts an entire bed into a trap with sleeper as inaccessible CO2 bait. No feeding at night and day is as sure as people sleep in bathtubs and exterminators never carry bed bugs to home, respectively. More than 99% bed bug feedings are at night. Listing a feasible feeding chance is as difficult as winning a Nobel Prize when a sleeper is at the trap center. The method is so efficient, that it is not important when the last bug starves because you have solved problem due to no bite after a one-time easy job. Here are common senses to confirm how easy the job is.
A CO2 trap catches bedbugs, but most bugs feed on blood and lay eggs fast; bed sized bed bug trap offers an additional no feeding function. Use of mattress encasement is as nonsense as a camper sleeps outside tent, and uses the tent as a bush encasement to seal mosquitoes inside a bush; the special trap reminds us that the mattress does not need any protection, only a sleeper needs protection. Vacuum and steam methods expect months of hard work to kill bugs faster than they lay eggs; the innovative trap will solve the problem on day one due to no bite forever. Chemicals do nothing to those behind wall and inside electronics; the bed sized trap attracts bedbugs which suicide no matter where they hide. Diatomaceous earth only reduces bed bug life, which is long enough to lay eggs; the trap with sleeper as bait does not let bedbugs lay eggs. Heating entire room method takes a risk that bed bugs hide in electronics, which can’t be heated; the special trap succeeds even it never catches any bug before the last one starves. Traditional methods tell the result (success or failure) after months of hard work; the innovative method will stop bite forever since day one after a one-time easy job.
Please visit to eliminate failing of bed bugs from ceiling to bed, to starve bed bugs in weeks instead of one year, and to stop bite even bed bugs migrate from other apartments.

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