Bed Bugs

Don’t doze off just yet. Maybe they should be called bed blood bugs, an army of these can attack a person 500 times in one night!

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25 thoughts on “Bed Bugs”

  1. fucking bed bugs, over the past 2 week, my symptoms started showing,
    horrible scabs on my arms, bastards, went to the store and poured insect
    powder all over my matress, pillow, around my bed base, and gassed my bed
    with raid, take that!!! guess what, they never came back wuhahaha >:-)

  2. Quite the nuisance. Try Ditomaceous Earth, a few pound bag isn’t nearly as
    expensive as buying pest control, and it worked for for my entire house.

  3. Go on google and type: how to get rid of bed bugs, click on the wiki how
    and scroll down to number three, it says:
    Sofas can be major bed bug hotspots when used for sleeping.
    Sorry man 

  4. I had lice before bitten by ANTS! ALL OVER stong by a bee almost eaten
    alive by masqetos HELP MEEE I NEED SLEEP how do I get rid ifBUBUGS!

  5. I LOVE BED BUGS !!!! Because they are spreading and getting into the
    apartments AND beds of leftists. LOL Leftists are the cause of
    immigration changes in 1965 that brought bed bugs back and are responsible
    for the political Ban on DDT in 1972 that also caused the diabolical deaths
    of millions of blacks. Too bad blacks vote their own demise. that is a
    shame and very sad. The two former reasons are why bed bugs are back like
    the plague. Irony is sooooooo SWEEEET !!!

    Eat it leftists ! Or I should say eat them ! You made it happen, enjoy !

  6. Me: Mr. Spider, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “The enemy of my enemy is my
    friend.” Well That’s why I letting you live in my room. Kill them all and
    don’t hold back.
    Spider: I’m going to eat them all, and after I do, I’m going to say lay
    eggs in your damn brain.
    Me: :

  7. I haven’t even seen one, and I’m really cautious with that kind of things.
    Maybe there aren’t much around where I live.
    Anyway, any *known* method to control or eradicate them?

  8. I had these things last week, all you need to do is throw out your mattress
    and than buy and air one, after that mop the floor with bleach and hot
    water, if you’ve seen where they come out from than mod there every day
    with hot bleach.

  9. Bed bugs cannot live in mid to high range density foam mattress. Cannot
    stay to long in leatherette sofas, They usually die in a few days. Never
    return, They might get you once but not the 2nd time. I experienced myself.
    I have Tempur Pedic mattress. 

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