Bed Bugs – Tips from Truly Nolen Pest Control

Summer travel plans are in full swing! And with that in mind, it’s probably a good idea to be aware of those pesty critters called “bed bugs.”

Since 2009, it’s no secret there has been a flare-up with bed bug infestation, so protection is certainly an important word that comes to mind, along with awareness.

Here are some helpful tips on Bed Bugs from Truly Nolen Pest Control.

When my family and I travel, we like to bring back great photo memories and souvenirs. There is one annoying pest we don’t want to bring back and that is bed bugs. Here are a few helpful tips to keep you relaxed and worry free during your travels when it comes to bed bugs.

When checking into any hotel, I always like to take a look around. Think like a bed bug. They like to hide close to the bed for ready access to their food. Where do bed bugs like to hide? Key places are the headboard, mattress, box spring and the wall behind the head board and the night stand. I typically travel with a flashlight but a quick look around without one is still a good idea. You can even use a flashlight app on your smartphone.

Look for drops of blood, bed bugs on or in the seams of the mattress. Here is an example of an infestation. Nasty, eww, gross.

Like most hotels, this one is well maintained by the owners and clean.

When returning home, you want to make sure the house stays bed bug free. In some cases it is possible for bed bugs to transfer from one piece of luggage to another. As soon as you get home, unpack your suitcase in the garage. Wash all your clothes from the trip. A good detergent and a hot drying is a great way to kill of any straggling bed bugs.

It’s a good idea not to store your luggage in your bedroom closet between trips. Instead, store it in the garage if possible.

We here at Truly Nolen hope you find these tips helpful and enjoy a pest free life.

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