Bed Bugs…They Can Happen to You!

You think it can never happen to you, but it can. Bed bugs can be picked up anywhere — restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, public transportation…even at the office. And, once they’re in your home, they’re not easily destroyed.

But Pestech has the solutions you need. Our bed bug treatment program begins with a certified Pestechnologist visiting your home and performing a thorough inspection. Once all of the infected areas are noted, a residual product is used. After the initial treatment, your Pestechnologist will be back regularly for inspections, and to perform the latter parts of the treatment. Because each bed bug infestation varies in size and severity, so will each individual treatment. We work to customize our solutions to every customer in order to achieve the best possible results.

Our Pestechnologists are fully-trained, and have the experience to deal with bed bugs effectively — using treatments that REALLY work. That is how you know that when you call Pestech, you’re getting the job done right — the first time. We also carry preventative products to keep you protected from an infestation, such as bed bug travel spray and mattress and pillow protectors. In addition, YOU can help prevent bed bugs by doing the following:
* Keep birds and bats away from your home; they can carry bed bugs on their bodies.
* Clean all furnishings and launder bedding and mattress pads regularly. Steam clean your mattresses at least once a year.
* Repair any wall cracks and caulking in windows and doors.
* Use a mattress protector that is bed bug bite, entry and escape-proof.
* Have an annual inspection by a trained Pestechnologist. Even if you don’t think bed bugs have invaded your space, it’s best to treat them before a full-blown breakout occurs.

Get Pestech Protected today, and call us for a FREE estimate at 1-800-287-BUGS.

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