Bed Bug walkthorugh peak to peak pest control

Bed Bugs are hitch hikers. They are often carried into an establishment on furniture or clothing. Whistler is a resort city and with a resort city comes travellers. This makes it difficult for anyone to monitor who is bringing in what and where they got it from. Whistler hotels and rooming houses face a greater challenge with Bed Bug Control due to the high turn over ratio of visitors. If you think you may have a Bed Bug issue, take a quick look in these areas throughout the home for signs of activity: Seams of mattresses and box springs, Bed frames, Head boards, Chairs, Couches, Beds, Dust covers, Cushions, Curtains, Dresser Drawers, Chairs, under area rugs and Edges of carpets. Bed bugs can also travel from apartment to apartment along pipes, electrical wiring and other openings. If a room is heavily infested, a sweet musty smell may be present.

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