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  1. Please note the first sentence in the video description….. ‘This video
    shows professional techniques in eliminating bed bugs in furniture’. True,
    they hide in many places as the ones you’ve mentioned. Those areas were
    inspected and subsequently treated. The treatment was in fact USEFUL! Thank
    you for your comment.

  2. Minute 3:26 you mentioned CB80 is a Pyrethroid. CB 80 Active Ingredient is
    Pyrethrum and belong to the Pyrethrin group. Nice video

  3. i use Toilet Cleaner Anti Bacteria. very cheap. and then I use trap at each
    bed feet. and i dont use my daily clothest when i go sleep but rather
    special clothest in bed .

  4. how so? I have hundreds of bed bug jobs under my belt and this guy is doing
    what i would do except hes using cb-80. i usually use phantom. This is only
    showing one part of the job. i also dust all the switch plated, treat all
    mattresses and box springs, baseboards, dressers, closets, and the tenant
    must prepare for the treatment

  5. Yes, bed bugs can fall off furniture as its being moved. Subsequent
    treatments and inspections are important to ensure the bed bugs are gone.
    If moving furniture intended to be thrown out, it should be wrapped tightly
    in heavy gauge plastic, taped and marked BED BUGS and thrown away.There are
    heavy duty bags available for box springs and mattress for these
    situations. Thank you for your comment!

  6. Hi Susan, I have heard of dry ice being used as an attractant for bed bug
    traps, as it give off CO2. The ‘Dinner Bell’ if you will. But not as a
    means of killing them. If your goal is to kill them by temperature, turn
    the dial the other way and use of a steamer.The target temperature for an
    instant kill is about 190 degrees. For the bed bugs, it’l be a hot time in
    the ol’ town tonight! Thank you for your comment!

  7. I beg to differ with you. Dry Ice WILL kill them! I just dealt with them
    for a patient of mine. the co2 will draw the bed bugs to the traps, where
    they can’t get out and die. The dry ice melts putting off co2 and when a
    bed/couch/chair is enclosed in the airtight plastic it works the same way
    as if a person were to hook a hose to exhaust pipe and in their car window
    in an enclosed place, Asphyxiation. ALSO rubbiing alcohol kills them, lot
    more effort & repeating but kills immediately.

  8. Commercial steamer can be very expensive, but there are many good choices
    sub $500. A great wat to disinfect as well.

  9. Co2 traps are effective as a means of monitoring, not controlling. Trapped
    bed bugs are best killed right away, as opposed to letting them die on
    their own. As for the furniture, a residual is needed to kill the newly
    hatched nymphs and any new bed bugs that re-infest the premises.

  10. What sub choice’s cost $500?? I just now watched the news and in P.A. a man
    caught his house on fire following a method he read about on youtube
    regarding heating, trying to rid his home of bed bugs, well he succeeded,
    his house was gutted but the bed bugs are gone. $500 is a lot of money for
    many people, especially the people I deal with, and you will find no
    exterminator in my area that will give you that price.

  11. Again we disagree. Co2 traps catch and kill them, not monitor them, I don’t
    even understand what you mean by ‘monitor them’? I see nothing wrong with
    them dying on their own vs toxic chemicals. as for furniture again, wraped
    airtight w dry ice will kill all stages. A protective shield can be applied
    that bugs can not penetrate while the traps collect them by the Co2 smell.
    A shield and traps in place at all times is the only way to be rid of &
    stop reinfest at 1st sign for good

  12. Again we do, that’s OK. Monitoring is a very important aspect of pest
    control. Not just for bed bugs, but for many pest species. Monitors are a
    great tool for follow up inspections. For control, a variety of products
    and methods are needed, for there is no ‘Silver Bullet’. Thank you for
    interest and comments.

  13. DE is an effective product, killing by means of desiccation. But I strongly
    disagree that it, by itself, can be used to eliminate a bed bug problem, No
    one product can. Instead, a variety of products and techniques need to be
    employed. I do agree dusting using DE or other labelled insecticidal dusts,
    are very effective in the battle against bed bugs. Thank you for commenting!

  14. OK, DE and spraying did the trick. By all means, keep inspecting for them.
    Monitoring with traps is another layer of protection. Thank you for

  15. You don’t know how paranoid I am. Every night I check my mattress and box
    spring every night. I am setting the traps by the wheels of my bed. One
    question I have is how many weeks does it take for a bed bug to be able to

  16. After hatching from an egg,a bed bug nymph will develop into an adult in
    about 4-5 weeks. Eggs take about two weeks to hatch after being laid. These
    times will vary to a degree. There are “interceptors” you could install
    under each of the legs of your bed as well. Bed bugs get trapped at the
    bottom of these traps, either when climbing up or down the leg. Your
    diligence for inspecting will pay off.

  17. food grade diatomaceous earth almost killed me. I had to go to the hospital
    and be treated for inhalation injury. these small naturally occurring
    diatoms immediately become airborne in anything less than stagnant air .
    once lodged in a mucous membrane it becomes traped, impossible for your
    lungs to expel. and they tear your lungs and mucous membranes as your body
    repetitively tries to expel them. causing a whole slew of problems
    including internal bleeding.

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