Bed Bug Series: Bed Bugs in Movie Theatres- NYC Pest Control


NYC Pest Control Website:
140 2nd Street | Brooklyn, NY 11231
718-855-3019 | 888-900-8421

Check out this awesome article in the Gothamist:

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2 thoughts on “Bed Bug Series: Bed Bugs in Movie Theatres- NYC Pest Control”

  1. I’ve known for awhile that bed bugs have been in movie theaters, and I
    almost completely stopped going to them. But my gf really wants me to go to
    movies with her 🙁 and I really don’t like theaters now…

    But I went with her and my brother yesterday to watch the Lego movie. One
    thing I did was I used my phones light to check around and behind the seats
    we were in for bed bug skins and droppings. Thank The Lord I didn’t see

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