Bed Bug Preparations (BBTV #50)

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @JWhiteBBTV – – – In this episode, Jeff will discuss what the typical recommendations are for bed bug treatment that most of the pest control industry is requiring and what Bed Bug Central’s position is on preparing for bed bug treatment. Please remember that regardless of the information provided in this episode, you should also follow what the pest control company is asking you to do for bed bug treatment. Typical bed bug preparations include: emptying dressers and closets and laundering all clothing contained within those areas, stripping the beds of their bedding and laundering those items and standing the beds on end. Most pest control companies require you do perform these tasks because there may be a bed bug in personal clothing and the pest control company cannot treat those items with pesticide. By laundering them you kill any bugs associated with those items and if you strip the bed and stand it on end, it makes the treatment easier the day of treatment. Bed Bug Central’s position on bed bug preparation is to clean your home so that the pest control company treating the home can move freely in the house. Outside of cleaning the home, we will ask you to empty closets and dressers only if we find evidence in those areas. Emptying dressers and closets and laundering all of those items because there may be a bug contained within them we feel is unnecessary and an unfair amount of work when finding bugs in these areas is only common in very high level infestations (only about 10% of bed bug infestations). We also don’t want homeowners/renters to strip the bed and stand it up because we want to see the infestation as it was originally and performing these tasks will distribute bugs into unpredictable locations. Please remember that this is Bed Bug Central’s position on bed bug preparations and you should always follow whatever your pest control company is asking you to do.

6 thoughts on “Bed Bug Preparations (BBTV #50)”

  1. The exterminator told me to empty all closets and drawers. I think this is
    bad because any bugs in the boxes I had to put my stuff in are now
    protected from the pesticides. They said they use a residual killer and
    also use sprays to flush out any hiding bugs so they will cross the
    residual pesticide. But if bugs are safe inside the boxes, they won’t be
    killed. I actually opened a box that had been closed since the exterminator
    was t here 6 weeks ago and I found a live adult bed bug.

  2. @SpiderMann3 I recommend emptying all of the closets and drawers into
    garbage bags and laundering all of the items on a hot wash and/or dry
    cycle. I would also recommend disposing of any cardboard boxes you have as
    these are great hiding places for bed bugs and are impossible to treat. If
    you launder those items and store them in bags until the treatment is
    complete or the situation is at least drastically improved it should help
    with your situation.

  3. @SpiderMann3 These are not recommendations that I typically make but it
    sounds like you have a more extensive infestation and with that more
    extensive preparations and cooperation is sometimes necessary to get rid of
    every bug

  4. my pco advised me to bag everything…this is actually making me more
    nervous and anxious than getting the bed bugs treated…i have a lot of
    expensive clothes and shoes that im afraid will get ruined or shrink in my
    own washer not to mention its extremely expensive being that i am a mere
    tenant and dont have a washer dryer in my room. would a packtite be the way
    to go for this? also what about dishes…glasses…my only advantage is
    that i live in a small studio that is still quite barren

  5. the size of my studio worries me too…its really small…probably 20 feet
    from my bed to the door. im afraid this might be far enough for the bed
    bugs to set up shop and still be close enough to my bed to feel
    comfortable. what about my bathroom..all the towels in worried
    about how to live out of plastic bags. even toiletries im scared can cause
    another infestation. i saw one bed bug walking outside of my bathroom and
    caught it..dont see any near blood or fecal matter on bed

  6. What about the eggs where are they typically found. Clothes are (most of
    the time) thrown on the bed or floor making clothes a very likely place for
    bb to lay there eggs. Bed bugs are a source of a lot of stress for most
    people and being pro active instead of reactive later although a lot of
    wool saves potentially months of living with these pests. I advise all
    people do not play the chase game with these blood sucking pests If not
    preped properly the Bed bugs will win that game every time.

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