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If you have bedbugs in the Middletown NY 10940 and 10941 region Tim Mills American Pest Control can discreetly help rid you of these nasty creatures. Bed bug treatment requires expert services to truly eradicate the problem. Read our top 10 tips for dealing with a bedbug infestation.

1. Avoid throwing out your bed and other furniture. You can save time and money by using plastic mattress and box-spring covers, and taping over the zipper areas with packing tape. Leave covers on for 18 months to be safe. Other furniture can be ecologically decontaminated with our services. Until the bedbug infestation is resolved, bringing in new furniture will only risk it getting contaminated.
2. You can vacuum to capture bed bugs and their eggs, but because the eggs are embedded to the fabric, you may have to scrape the surface. Dispose of vacuum bag in a sealed garbage bag immediately.
3. When traveling hang clothing in the closet farthest from the bed, place luggage on the folding rack or the dry cleaning bag found in the hotel.
4. Stay where you are! Avoid sleeping in another bed or staying with someone else. This could cause the bedbugs to spread.
5.Pull your bed away from the wall or any touching furniture
6. Eliminate clutter, especially underneath the bed- put infested materials in garbage bags. These can be treated by heat or cold (see below).
7. COLD: You can leave these outside during cold weather. Keep in mind, you need a week of temperatures below -10 °C to kill all life stages of the bed bug, or -32 °C for half an hour. Ah, the beauty of New York weather.
8.HEAT: Use heat to treat infested materials. Some materials, such as clothes and curtains, can be cleaned with a steam cleaner, clothes iron, or by being washed hot and placed in the clothes drier. Check that the materials are heat tolerant before treating. Materials placed in black garbage bags can be treated under a blazing summer sun, especially if placed inside a car during a warm, sunny day! Temperatures above 46 °C can kill all stages of the bed bug in less than 10 minutes.
9.Clean the bed frame. You can wipe it down with a rubbing alcohol spray, or a spray of soapy water. Be careful, as rubbing alcohol can damage some finishes.
10.Treat perimeters of room with diatomaceous earth. Apply the earth in all cracks and crevasses in the walls and flooring. Treat around the bed, covering the area around the bottom of bed posts..

We are a locally owned and operated family business providing services for all your pest concerns. We provide residential and business treatments. Tim Mills American Pest Control provides their services to all of Orange Regional Medical Centers, Touro College and Columbia University NY. We take great pride in our work because we know that we will be interacting with everyone we do work for on a regular basis within the Orange County NY, mid Hudson Valley community. We wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles, don’t charge travel fees, determine cost by the job, and have no contract requirements. We also provide discounts to Seniors. As well as Middletown NY we also services the following Orange County NY towns and cities: Campbell Hall NY, Central Valley NY, Chester NY, Cornwall NY, Cornwall On Hudson NY, Cuddebackville NY, Florida NY, Goshen NY, Greenwood Lake NY, Harriman NY, Highland Falls NY, Highland Mills NY, Maybrook NY, NY, Monroe NY, Montgomery NY, New Hampton NY, Newburgh NY, Orange County NY, Otisville NY, Pine Bush NY, Port Jervis NY, Rock Tavern NY, Salisbury Mills NY, Slate Hill NY, Sparrow Bush NY, Tuxedo Park NY, Walden NY, Warwick NY, Washingtonville NY, West Point NY, Westtown NY

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