Bed Bug Infestation during a heat treatment

This is a bed bug infestation that was found in an apartment during a heat treatment that the Milpitas Heat Division of Clark Pest Control was performing.

17 thoughts on “Bed Bug Infestation during a heat treatment”

  1. For a apt, our company charges 700 plus tax. We use a 500,000 btu heater
    with carpet fan. The carpets fans are designed to with stand the killing
    temp. We he the place up to 170 max. We do this for about 5 hours.

  2. We use heat star diesel fueled heaters that we connect flex duct to & we
    also use electrical heaters & normally you dont want the temperature to
    exceed 140-150 degrees thats when you start damaging property. Bed bugs die
    in about a minute or less at 125 degrees & even faster at hotter temps

  3. I adore insects, arachnids, reptiles, you name it, but these…I HATE these
    things! They seem to serve no real role in an echo system other than being
    a parasite. Hell spiders would get a better meal from a tick then one of
    these fuckers.

  4. But what I don’t understand is this: Do you have to go around flipping
    things over so that the heat will get to them? Or can you just leave
    everything alone and trust that the heat will eventually “soak in” so to
    speak and get at them inside furniture and under things like cushions, etc?

  5. We just returned from a vacation where the hotel had bed bugs. After
    arriving home, we immediately undressed and put our clothes in the washing
    machine, then left our suitcases in the car. Today I put a thermometer in
    the car. We live in one of the hottest cities in the US. So far the car
    has been outside for 8 hours with the temperature between 120-150F. I hope
    it’s enough to kill anything that might have crawled in. Do you think I
    can bring the suitcases in tomorrow?

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