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25 thoughts on “Bed Bug Exterminating NJ Mattress & Boxsprings- 732-640-5488 | Bed Bug Treatment New Jersey”

  1. i think i have had them for 3 days now but idk the first day i saw a few
    bumps on my hand and i thot it was just a mosquito bite or 2 the second day
    i saw alot more on my hand like 20 of them so i looked on google and the
    possibility of scabies came to mind the third day.. today they are just all
    the way down my left arm and it looks like its starting on my right one now
    2 so i dont no what the fuck i got

  2. Seems a lot of hard work,In Britain we would just go out and buy a new
    bed.Take the old bed with it,s bugs down to the dump so they can start a
    new life.

  3. no i dont think so because one day i just flipped my matress over and i
    havent ever gotten those kind of bites since

  4. My aunt and uncle (basically parents in my case) bought me my current
    mattress and boxspring. It’s just a single/twin, but a really nice one. And
    while my bed bug case might be a relatively minor one, after treatment I’ll
    probably just chuck the thing anyway. I can’t risk it, since my sublease
    ends just after the *first* exterminator treatment anyway…

  5. Dealing with a bed bug problem myself. It seems like bed manufacturers
    conspire against the public by making everything so perfect for bedbugs!
    Mattresses seemed designed with bed bugs specifically in mind.

  6. If a bedbug problem has gotten completely out of control, it might just be
    time for a new bed. Check out our channel for information on how you can
    win a brand new mattress!

  7. Just throw the damn matress away. Unless its a $2000 tempurpedic then even
    a $500 mattress isnt worth the trouble….then after you throw it away nuke
    the place with a poison fogger.

  8. @MrBoy219 yea and everyone would have cancer, DDT was making its way into
    our streams, wells and even used on farms back in the day. if you want
    cancer, smoke or something, as for me im glad we had someone step in to
    save us from the mega killers known as CEOs

  9. It is a scam created by the international transport there are bed bugs
    EVERYWHERE! The exterminator keeps the monopoly of crontrôle bedbugs infest
    If you are you need to spend hundreds of dollars and the problem will
    return, so it is in the interest of exterminating not solve the problem
    once and for all a there is more $ $ $ to do.

  10. I am an entomologist and i am disgusted the manner in which these rip-off
    pest control companies take money from innocent people. All it takes is one
    pregnant female to infest your home forever…yes, forever…I bet the
    company did not tell you that fact…email me for more info. Free of
    course, not like these bastards…Gemma

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