Bed Bug Dry Ice Trap

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @JWhiteBBTV – In this episode Jeff will discuss the recent news on a simple and easy to make bed bug monitor created by Rutgers University to monitor for bed bugs. The Bed Bug Dry Ice Trap is an easy to create monitor for bed bugs that utilizes dry ice as the attractant that hungry bed bugs are attracted to. It is true that bed bugs are attracted to the monitor and this monitor can be the most effective that we currently have available to us, but there are some things you should be aware of if you do try to create this monitor on your own (do-it-yourself). Please also be aware that even though this monitor was shown to outcompete the commercially available monitors (CDC 3000 and Nightwatch), those devices were also very effective in detecting low level bed bug infestations. First, this monitor is not intended to be used by pest control companies as there are hazards associated with dry ice that may create liabilities for pest control companies setting this monitor in clients homes. Pest control companies should consider using the commercially manufactured devices (CDC 3000 and Nightwatch) that were found to also be effective for detecting bed bugs Also, please remember that a zero-trap-catch does not necessarily mean that you do not have bed bugs. These monitors are intended to attract hungry bed bugs to them and therefore not all bed bugs are attracted to these types of monitors. In order to create this monitor you will need: a dog bowl (that can be used similarly to a Climbup device), dry ice, a thermos to place dry ice in, talcum powder, tape or sandpaper and possibly a towel. Please watch this episode for some pointers on how to construct this device properly.

25 thoughts on “Bed Bug Dry Ice Trap”

  1. @KezefAdirion The entire point of his video was to expand on the bedbug
    monitoring advice given by the Rutgers University online info. He made it
    clear that following the Rutger advice alone was not enough. Talk was

  2. @bigwillystyle76 Actually, what he has done is to be very thorough for
    those people who would watch and still not get it. A lot of people have to
    have things explained to them to the nth degree.

  3. Oh; I’ve never seen them leave a trail of blood, no, and it’s a good
    possibility those “pimple” things bursting are the blood stain you found.
    Don’t just check the mattress! Check all around your house within fifteen
    feet of the bugs; cracks in the wall, plug sockets, whatever is close that
    would make a good hiding spot.

  4. Thanks for answering, i have an embarrassing question to ask. I found
    recently a black matter (about 3 cm in diameter) in my ear, when i tore it
    apart it was brown and it kinda smelled like turd. I found this stuff
    rubbed on my neck a while back. What the hell is this? do bed bugs shit on
    people too?

  5. i killed all the bed bugs directly in my bed,i used a product called
    EARTHBLENDS by raid.It is a powder that is like broken glass to insects,the
    bed bugs walked on it and their legs got cut off and they died.What i did
    is i laid a layer of this powder on my matress,i spreaded it evenly and i
    placed my matress cover over it,i waited a week and all the bed bugs were
    gone,still i left the powder in place for 2 more months and the bed bugs
    never came back

  6. Is he saying ‘talc’ powder? ‘Calc’ powder? I’ve listened like 19 times. So,
    ‘talc’ powder is talcum powder? Like I could use baby powder? It looks like
    he’s got something all sciency in that little vial. Please help!

  7. Hi there. Thanks for offering up your brains, cause lord knows my body has
    been picked at enough by these foul creatures… What do you think about
    using yeast instead of dry ice? I want to leave one in the room with a pet,
    so, do they have to be on the floor?

  8. Cory, I am looking at using yeasts. Haven’t played with it vs dry ice, so I
    cant tell you definitively that it works. To me the concept is sound, the
    real question is (and I dont believe that the industry as a whole has
    answered this), Does it produce enough co2 to attract them? As an operator,
    we have created our own dry ice trap in which we use in vacant hotel rooms,
    and it works well.

  9. this will sound funny but I am from Missouri and am not sure the Missouri
    method is all its cracked up to be.

  10. yes baby powder – but not the new cornstarch type – actually that may work
    too – if you used diatom, it would kill them too

  11. If you know you have bedbugs, you need to get rid of them. You don’t need a
    system for figuring out if you HAVE bed bugs, which is what this trap is.

  12. just a thought, a puppy training pad, menstrual pad or diaper would work
    better to collect condensation, less chance of overflow. 

  13. Should you leave your ac running when using this trap? or the window open?
    How much dry ice should be used? Thanks….

  14. Hey Jeff, I want to say thank you for taking us through this, step by step.
    Your calm and collected demeanor in all of your videos has really helped
    me with my fear of bed bugs. I’m 98% sure we brought some home with us
    from a hotel, so we got a bed bug mattress covers and sprayed the box
    springs with micro-ban. We’re now going to start using your home detection
    idea for the next week or so. 

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