Bed Bug Control Boston MA, Bedbug Insect Bites, Infestations, Brookline Mass

Trying to eradicate bedbug infestations can be tricky. Clambaking in a style that recalls neither days & nights by the seashore or the gathering of hippies galore, this smoke-filled treatise is a damning account of amateur night at the pest Apollo for this Boston MA area couple.

if it was THAT easy, anyone could do it. Learn to do it right at:

EHS: Environmental Health Services
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An effective Eco-Sensitive Pest Control and Management program requires the guidance of EHS licensed & trained service specialists.

When executed properly, the true partnership between our clients & EHS helps manage pest populations in and around your property. Remember, ITS YOUR WORLD. PROTECT IT.

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  1. the only reason i clicked on this vid was becuz i thought the guy looked
    like the cavemen from the geico commercials…

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