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silica crystal gel cat litter makes a cheap powder to kill bedbugs. You don’t need anything else. Bedbugs are easy to kill because they MUST come to your bed in order to develop and reproduce. This powder is the dirt cheapest way to kill them. Silica gel is the main ingredient of Drione. You don’t need anything except the silica gel cat litter ground to a fine fine powder. It sticks to the bed bugs and dries them up. Don’t be fooled by anyone else. You can buy a bag of silica gel cat litter, powder it and scatter it mainly on and around the bed and mattress. A bag of silica gel cat litter can treat a whole apartment building for about Can. You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for pesticides or an exterminator. You can however mix the silica gel powder you make with pesticides to get a better effect. I prefer propoxur because it has a residual effect for about a month. Pyrethrins break down in air in a couple of days. Powdered silica gel also kills cockroaches and many other insects. To test silica gel get one of those little packets of dessicant that says “throw away, don’t eat”. Crush it to a fine powder and put it in a container with a couple of bedbugs and they will be dead in a couple of hours(be sure some powder is on the bedbugs.) The silica gel in the packet is the same stuff as the silica gel cat litter. Don’t be deceived. Don’t tear apart your bedroom they will come to your bed. DON’T bother laundering everything or vacuuming. Don’t waste your time. They will hunt YOU down. Let them come to YOU. You will NEVER find them all anyway. They have to feed on blood to become adults. Focus on treating the bed areas. Bedbugs will suck your blood while you sit in front of your computer, day or night. They have bitten my feet.
Silica gel powder can also be used to dry flowers.

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  1. They get started in the early evening while people are still sitting at
    their computer watching Youtube videos. They even crawled on my monitor to
    distract me from uploading these videos on how to kill them. They were even
    biting my bare feet. Steam and rubbing alcohol won’t really work unless you
    can find every one of their many hiding spots and since steam and rubbing
    alcohol require direct application.

  2. Watch all my videos and read the boxes for all the information I have. I
    think mattress covers can only be useful for keeping the bedbugs out of the
    seams and to keep it from getting worse. Putting your clothes in a bag will
    not help. Not to worry about all the hiding places because your bed is your
    fortress you must defend. Every bedbug will suck blood so the main
    treatment area is your bed and bedroom. That is where you must make your
    stand. You can’t possibly treat every crack and crevice.

  3. Thanks, and yes your right i should focus on my bed and my bedroom, well my
    bedroom has the bed and also has like my work station there, and there
    might be many places to hide, well for now i will take apart my bed, put my
    spray all over the bed area, and im expecting bed bug powder on the mail
    soon, and i will use that as well. i might ask you for more help on this
    issue, thank you.

  4. The pyrethrins last only a couple of days. You will have to spray every few
    days. You can mix the spray with the powder. The powder may contain
    diatomaceous earth or silica gel powder these can be mixed with your spray
    but the powders alone will work forever. The powders however gather dust
    and so you will have to spread powder every once in a while. Powder like
    crazy every horizontal surface in your room. Sray like crazy around the
    edges of your room every vertical surface.

  5. just so you know, bedbugs don’t like the smell of humans, but rather they
    sense the carbon dioxide we exhale. That’s how they find us. they use heat
    to pick a place to bite.

  6. You are right. But just maybe they can smell us as well but the other
    senses are more attuned to finding us and sucking our blood. Thanks.

  7. All I know that this epidemy of bed bugs in the USA coincide with the great
    influx of indian students, they bring that pest anywhere they move in.

  8. Spreading it around your house, mattress and other stuff won’t harm you
    will it? I’m kind of scared to put that stuff on my mattress and inhaling

  9. Hi Jack, I saw in one of your videos, that you have shown a small “white
    colored packet containing silica gel”….can we directly kill bed bugs by
    putting these small packets in various places or do we need to get the
    silica gel out of the packets, grind it thoroughly and then spread it all
    over…..would be really gr8 if you could throw some light on
    this….thanks in advance.

  10. You have to open the packet of silica gel beads and crush them to a fine
    fine powder. They are basically the same as the silica gel cat litter.
    However the packets may have poison on the beads so don’t put the powder on
    your bed. On the floor or on furniture is ok. Thanks for your interest.

  11. I tested this cat litter and it worked on one bug in a bowl, it died in 2
    hours medium size. How long and when do i refresh the powder, you are
    amazing I have been fighting this for one year, lots of laundry and a new
    bed. Thank you very much

  12. The best thing to do is to powder some silica gel and to put it in a
    container and put a variety of spiders inside. See if it kills the spiders
    after you see them walk through the powder.

  13. Jack, please remove this video. I have done what you recommened and left
    the silica gel in my room and around my bed. Couple of weeks later I am
    coughing alot and very worried that I might have silicosis as I have these
    symptoms. Coughing, shortness of breath, I will be heading to see a doctor
    tomorrow, but I just wnat to warn everyone here. .

  14. Guys, please be aware of the risks of crystalized silica. Do a google
    search on silicosis. There is risk of permanent lung damage by grinding
    silica. Something to consider before trying this.

  15. Well, gel and crystalized silica are two different things. Crystalline
    silica dust can cause silicosis but synthetic amorphous silica gel is
    non-friable, and so does not cause silicosis. But if you actively try to
    grind it down then it has the potential to be dangerous to the lungs.
    Something to consider.

  16. what if i grinded the stuff in a fine powder, then put it in a spray bottle
    with water and sprayed it, would it work?

  17. Bleach is stinky and I really don’t think it will work. Give us more detail
    on what you did and did it REALLY have any REAL results. Wishful thinking
    is not very good when it comes to bedbugs, the method has to really work

  18. @SuburbanExt no exterminator has been able to kill the bed bugs, they are
    resistant to the chemicals. Only heat over 120* or the silica because it
    gets under their skin and dehydrates them, killing nearly instantly. I have
    had a exterminator spray well over 10 times with no results

  19. Thanks for asking. I can honestly tell you … after washing all my sheets
    … putting bed bug plastic over my mattress and box spring, and then
    grounding up the silica and putting a thick layer around the feet of my
    bed, I stopped getting bit that VERY NIGHT. Exterminators and other options
    were just an infuriating hassle with no result. I hope you are not
    experiencing this nightmare, and if you are I hope it gets resolved with

  20. do u agree with what jack said about this being a different type and
    therefore not being harmful? I need to know whether to try this but I
    already have lung problems and the last guy who said he got problems from
    this got his comment removed so I don’t know what he said about it.

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