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Terminix offers bed bug control and knows what bed bugs look like and how to determine if they’re in your home. If you think you might have bed bugs, and you need bed bug control solutions, the trained technicians at Terminix employ a wide range of treatment methods including a proprietary solution called RapidFreeze, which is fast, effective and non-toxic.

For more than 85 years, Terminix has been protecting homes. To learn more about bed bug control and how to safeguard your home from all sorts of pests, visit or call 1.866.766.7628

25 thoughts on “Bed Bug Control | Bed Bugs | Terminix”

  1. I was shocked when I found evidence of bed bugs. I called for bed bug
    control from Terminix and the bed bugs were gone that same day.

  2. After a vacation in Europe, we found we not only brought home souveniers,
    but bed bugs as well. Terminix bed bug control got rid of them immediately.

  3. I had been seeing what looked like tiny blood spots on my sheets for a few
    weeks, and had no idea what they were. A friend told me to have my house
    checked for bed bugs. Terminix came out and their bed bug control was easy
    and efficient. No more bed bugs!

  4. That cute saying “don’t let the bed bugs bite” is not so cute when you get
    these little creatures. Thank goodness for Terminix bed bug control.

  5. So, I don’t even get bed bugs. I get sofa bugs. The sofa I purchased used
    was full of the nasty critters. I loved the sofa, so I called for bed bug
    control from Terminix. Sofa looks great and bugs are gone.

  6. My son kept waking up with red itchy bite marks on his arm. We thought the
    dog had become infested with fleas but were shocked to learn we had bed
    bugs! I called Terminix for bed bug control and they are now gone.

  7. I am so happy with Terminix bed bug control. Apparently, we brought them
    home from a trip abroad.I will always vacuum my suitcase now when I return
    from my frequent trips overseas! I don’t ever want to call for bed bug
    control again.

  8. I saw evidence of bed bugs as I had witnessed an infestation when I worked
    in the hotel industry many years ago. Terminix bed bug control solved the
    problem immediately.

  9. I was very impressed with the Terminix technician who came out to do my bed
    bug control. The RapidFreeze system worked wonders.

  10. I absolutely hate bugs, so when I found I had bed bugs in my new sofa, I
    freaked out. One call to Terminix for their bed bug control service and the
    ants were a thing of the past.

  11. I was afraid I would never get rid of the bed bugs in my house. Terminix
    bed bug control solved the problem!

  12. We brought an antique chair home from an auction, only to discover it was
    infested with bed bugs. We were worried treatment would damage the value.
    Terminix bed bug control eliminated the bed bugs and the chair looks no

  13. Glad I acted fast when I found a bed bug problem. Terminix RapidFreeze bed
    bug control is wonderful.

  14. The technician from Terminix was awesome. He performed the bed bug control
    with efficiency and seemed to be very knowledgeable..

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