Bed Bug Bombs – Do They Work?

News release:

Susan Jones, professor of entomology at The Ohio Student University, talks about her latest research showing that over-the-counter foggers, bug bombs, are a waste of money and are making things worse for the pest control industry. She also offers tips on how to get rid of bed bugs, including what to do when you check into a hotel.

3 thoughts on “Bed Bug Bombs – Do They Work?”

  1. DDT Baby! and this dumb lady is calling for the EPA????? seriously? the
    EPA’s regulations r why companies r having such a hard time keeping up with
    bugs and absolutely why we r seeing a resurgence of bugs in the united
    states. if u watch and listen to this lady for a few minutes and r kinda
    scratching your head and stuff. it’s simple…… she is a dumbo mumbo
    wumbo chumbo blumbo and i stress the DUMBO!!!

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