Bed Bug Basics: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself

Brought to you by the National Pest Management Association. Join us on a fast-paced, educational trip through the history of bed bugs and the recent resurgence. This video will teach you how to be vigilant to minimize your risk of encountering bed bugs and how to effectively deal with this resilient pest if you have an infestation. Visit for more information and please share this with others. Public awareness is key in controlling bed bug infestations.

25 thoughts on “Bed Bug Basics: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself”

  1. SOMEONE ANSWER ME THIS: 1. Can beg bugs die by drowning with water? 2. Can
    we feel them when they crawl on our skin? 3. Do we feel it when they just
    bit us? 4. Do they give our pee a funny smell? 5. Can they get caught on
    adhesive (duct tape, carpet tape)? 6. Do anti bed bug sprays kill them or
    are they resistant? btw are u saying anti bug sprays dont kill them in
    urban areas like canada?

  2. i have never heard of this things before <<WOULD THEY be common here in
    europe ?? i live in belgium …. or is it more common in amerika ??

  3. Hi leeparkdenouden, Unfortunately, bed bugs are a problem in almost every
    part of the world, including Europe. As in the United States, they are more
    common in cities and populated areas, but infestations can easily be
    carried to rural areas. Bed bug are often found in homes, hotels and public
    transportation. For more information on bed bugs, visit the All Things Bed
    Bugs website.

  4. well this is what i dont understand ! is 10 years went buy how did they
    come back ? hmm? thats weird were was they all that time ? you would think
    the gov would help when people are committed suicide .not all of us have
    money iam sorry 2911alison your friend commitied suicide this is sad.

  5. Screw the professionals. This video is a commercial. You can not afford to
    pay an “professional” to come to your house every day. But to fight bed
    bugs you must be on guard every day.

  6. I don’t wanna be any where now…. .I don’t wanna be any where now….. I
    don’t wanna be any where now….I don’t wanna be any where now….. Omg!
    Bed bugs, bed bugs everywhere!!!!.

  7. Watch this video for tips on protecting your home against a bed bug
    Bed Bug Basics: 10 Tips to Protect Yourself

  8. Reality check: not everybody can afford an exterminator and this sales vid
    fails to mention all the pesticides an exterminator will leave in your home
    (did you want a kid with three legs?). There are loads of organic,
    preventive methods for stopping bed bugs from getting into your home. If
    you are low-income, DYI is your only choice if they do, so I find a less
    manipulative video for the facts.

  9. They are back in oz now up the coast. Lentil size adults that are same
    colour as apple pip andsize. nymphs and pinheads are hard to see and mumbug
    gave birth. Now stage 2 heading up to stage 3.

  10. Remedy for Bed bugs available, home made, very effective…. Please see the
    YouTube Video:

  11. Watched many videos on bedbugs. This is the worst. Painful to watch. I have
    tried exterminator, Diamteceous earth, sprayed alcohol on all eggs (gross
    and sticky), they were even in my car! (had it detailed). Mattress/box
    spring covered. Climb Up INterceptors on bedposts on floor. Even did CO2
    trap (nothing). 3 months, and I get bit every night–but now by the nymphs
    and these (lookslike salt) baby eggs/nymphs. So so hard to see. Every day I
    ducttape them off of me, clothess, car floor. A nightmare. Just a
    nightmare. All from a motel vacation down Cape. Awful. Exterminator came
    2x. Helped tiny bit. I need a real insect expert from University to examine
    these tiny nymph bugs and how I can stop them from biting me. They always
    show up on my shoes (under) and stick to socks. I launder and dry (hot hot
    hot) daily. Bag all clothes. It has literally taken over my life. All i do
    is laundry and use duct tape them off things daily. Please, welcome any
    real expert advice (no solicitors for products please). I have researched
    this (i am clinician) nightly for months and have done it all. I can NOT
    get rid of them. Please, help! thank you! 

  12. to stop bed bugs you need to buy several boxes of baking soda and pour it
    all over your mattress, on the bedpost on the carpet and leave it for a
    week, put clean sheets on top of the mattress covered in baking soda and
    they wont bite you during the night, After a week vacuum the baking soda
    from mattress and carpet,, then reapply more baking soda, don’t be shy with
    it either,,and repeat step one,, to be on the safe side it should be done
    for about six months to a year just to make sure to kill every last bug and
    their eggs. Baking soda works,, trust me,, I found it out after renting a
    mobile home once

  13. 1:30 she is telling that if you throw away your furniture, bed, etc, then
    you can solve the problem? That’s far from being true. At the same time if
    you throw away your 4-5 year old bed which is time to throw away anyway as
    with 80% of people, and if it will solve the problem, then what she wants,
    to put chemical in the bed and get cancer? What’s wrong with throwing away
    nasty and old beds? Why is it not banned to put any chemical in a bed? I
    never allow any of my technicians to put chemicals on bed. It has a
    residue, and people literally breath chemical for months, pay almost as
    much as they could but a new mattress. Don’t listen to this nonsense folks,
    try to get rid you beds first along with iniital chemical application. Bed
    bugs move from their shelters to your beds in the night to feed on you. If
    you take the bed and get rid of it before they go back to their corners
    when you are not in bed you may help a lot for the process. 

  14. Just found that one of effective ways is to heat up the whole room to 48+
    degrees C for 6-8 hrs. It kills all the stages of the bug. Perhaps open up
    the bed frames for air flow as well. All you need is a couple heaters, a
    fen to mix the air and a couple thermometers…a timer 😉 ↑ Raj Hulasare,
    Ph. D. Fundamental Research on the Efficacy of Heat on Bed Bugs and Heat
    Transfer in Mattresses (англ.) (pdf). — «It is important to achieve and
    maintain temperatures of above 48°C for more than 20 min to effectively
    kill all life stages of bed bugs. In practice, considering the clutter in
    the treated space and need to penetrate cracks and crevices, the treatment
    times are much longer ranging from 6 to 8 and hence 48°C would be highly

  15. It ‘is’ possible to get rid of them yourself, and honestly I would
    recommend you try doing so… professionals are very expensive. 800-1500
    bucks.. and I have heard of some having to pay 2k or more. Yea…

  16. The self-glorified National Pest Management Association wants us to join
    them? Under their watch, bedbugs keep became resistant to poison and now
    they do not have anything to stop them. There are nearly 60 000
    exterminators in America and with all their pretend knowledge they cannot
    stop the bedbug.

    They say that 1 in 5 americans now have bedbugs? How come there are now so
    many bedbugs if their techniques are so efficient?

    And how about three things; 1- equal opprtunity pests, 2- expert stowaways,
    3- coy and elusive. Are you missing the main cause of bedbug proliferation?
    Resistance to pesticides!

    If bedbugs are equal opportunity pests, expert stowaways, coy and elusive,
    surely it is because bedbugs can be picked from somewhere. Yet you fail to
    mention where and why we can pick up bedbugs so easily. Could it be bedbugs
    that survive poison and are pushed out of infested places. Overuse and
    overexposure to pesticide always make bedbug resistant, maybe you should go
    back to school and learn the real facts about bedbugs and pesticides.

    The National Pest Management Association always failed and will always fail
    as long as they use a repellent on bedbugs. You are causing the problem and
    people are finding out about it.

    Smarten up and tell the truth about bedbugs instead of propaganda meant to
    bring business to an Industry.

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