BBTV #33 – Bed Bugs and Vacuums

In this episode Jeff will explain the role a vacuum can play when attempting to removing bed bugs from your home, the right vacuum to choose for this job and the things you should be aware of when using a vacuum to remove bugs. Vacuums can play a critical role in bed bug control and management because they can remove a large number of bed bugs from a home in a short amount of time. By doing so, you dont have to worry about pesticide tolerant or resistant bugs because instead of spraying the bugs with pesticide, you are removing them from the home. When choosing a vacuum, it is recommended that you use a vacuum that empties into a bag because bed bugs have been shown to be able to live inside a vacuum and when you are done vacuuming bed bugs with a vacuum that bags you can dispose of the vacuum bag in an outdoor trash receptacle. If you choose a HEPA filter vacuum, although they can be good vacuums, they can be difficult to completely empty out and therefore bed bugs and their eggs may live inside the vacuum and reinfest your home.

10 thoughts on “BBTV #33 – Bed Bugs and Vacuums”

  1. I have a bagless vacuum and was worried about bed bugs crawling out of it
    or eggs inside it after watching this. So, I bought new filters & intended
    to clean the whole vacuum cleaner when the pest control said they were
    gone. As I was cleaning it, I realized that because my pest control company
    used dust as the treatment, and I was required to vacuum frequently, the
    entire vacuum cleaner is completely saturated with the dust. I don’t think
    there is any way a bug could live through that.

  2. I have a vacuum with a filter and can’t afford to purchase another. Would
    sprinkling some DE in my vacuum before using be an option??? So they are
    killed when pulled into the vacuum?

  3. My friends, ”congratulations” I have discovered a very simple, cheep,
    tried and tested solution to get rid of bed bugs. ” Mothballs” yes
    that’s right Mothballs. Just Lift up your mattress and place lots of
    mothballs under it. use elasticated bed sheet. lift up the elastic and fill
    mothballs between edges of the mattress and the bed sheet. Bed bugs hate
    the strong smell of mothballs. It kills them. It will take up to two days
    before you discover to the result of mothballs. when you’ll find a bedbug
    in your bed, it will be a dead one. After a week they will become
    history.If you don’t believe me, try it. You might not find the strong
    smell of mothballs pleasant too. So leave the windows open.

  4. Thank you Jeff, But after using mothballs I have finally discovered that my
    bed and body belongs to me. 

  5. You can even put Mothballs in your vacuum cleaner bags and in your
    wardrobes, in cabinets and drawers. 

  6. My friends, If you find bed bug eggs, Simply rub a layer of Vick on it.
    Also rub Vick on the edges of your mattress. Get a tissue paper, put some
    Vick on it, fold it up and leave it in you’r bed. Do the same with your
    baby’s cot. When leaving Home, close the windows and door, get a ball of
    hot water, whisk a table spoon of Vick in it and leave it under you’r bed
    and your baby’s cot. Let me know the results.

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