Advisory – Dry Ice Bed Bug Trap Update

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @JWhiteBBTV – – Bed Bug TV Dry Ice Bed Bug Trap Advisory. In this episode Jeff will recap some of the information discussed in the original episode about the DIY Bed Bug Dry Ice Trap and further discuss some potential hazards associated with some of the information being reported by the media. Since the concept of this trap was released by Rutgers University researcher Dr. Changlu Wang at an entomological conference in December, several media outlets have run stories about a “great DIY bed bug trap that is affordable to make and anybody can use it”. While some of this information is true, a few news stories have began to report this monitor as a control device that can eliminate bed bugs from your home for a very small amount of money. THIS DEVICE IS NOT A CONTROL TOOL AND THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE IT WILL NOT ELIMINATE YOUR BED BUG INFESTATION. The stories that discuss this as a control tool can be very misleading and again, this is to be used as a monitor to help you determine if you have a problem, not to control your problem. Also, there are a few concerns about pest control companies using this monitor which include the hazards associated with dry ice. Please tune it to this episode to make yourself aware of some of the concerns we have about the DIY bed bug dry ice monitor so that if you do decide to set it in your home, you can do so in a knowledgeable fashion.

13 thoughts on “Advisory – Dry Ice Bed Bug Trap Update”

  1. Thanks for this post. I am in the process of trying to rid my apartment of
    bed bugs, and I was going to use this method as Phase 2 attack if Phase 1
    didn’t work, which it didn’t. After 24 hours of cleaning,washing, all
    bedding and clothing, throwing stuff out, and spraying with a Bonide Bed
    Bug Killer spray, I STILL HAVE THEM! I had seen the online articles about
    this being a great eradication method and was prepared to do it. Thank you
    for saving me the trouble. Considering Diatomeceous Earth.

  2. I found a source of DE that contains pyrethrins! Got it for our carpet
    beetle problem, and have been dusting like crazy. It takes WEEKS to kill
    the biters with the powder, as it dessicates them. Ordered Bedlam Spray
    today. Need to sleep sometime soon….

  3. Thank you for your videos, they are very informative. Why can’t this be
    used as a control device? Can you please elaborate? Thank you.

  4. @s0ldat1985 He said in /watch?v=5JZx3GrQCE0&feature=related that this
    monitor only traps HUNGRY bugs. If some bugs weren’t hungry at the time,
    then the trap would’ve had no effect.

  5. Hey jeff great videos. Can I make a permeant trap for catching bed bugs
    using other methods other than the dry ice to make the co2. Thanks

  6. heavens to betsy!!! could not someone make a lock that could prevent the
    container from opening? i can’t imagine a more simple project.

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