25 thoughts on “30 second bed bug control”

  1. @jdollinter Head board comes off easily as it goes back on–you’re on your
    own with the rest of the destruction though.

  2. @pestcemetery Or reintroduce the black plauge; Seeing how the world hasn’t
    seen it in a good while no one’s built an immunity. Other diseases like
    leprosy, and so on; we haven’t seen it done so I doubt religious extremist
    have any knowledge on breeding or modifying genetic structures in insects.

  3. @darkheat246 well I’m not too worried-especially if the govt’ is involved.
    They couldn’t put a successful program together if it killed em..

  4. @pestcemetery Govt. run programs tend to stink say here in America; because
    the govt is categorized as a monopoly to economist they have no need to
    better themselves. When you have control to a private firm then quality and
    work efficiency rises. New york is a great example of this.

  5. You’re welcome–Good luck & make sure to check out my pest control site
    under the topic ‘bed bugs’ for more detailed info. pest cemetery dot com

  6. Um ok then. This is no help. Sorry but I thought this was how to control
    bed bugs IN YOUR HOME not on the go. Sorry but iz the truth

  7. Well, if it keeps you from bringing them home from the number one source of
    how they are spread–I’d say it’s very helpful…. bet you a dollar you’ll
    think of this video the next time you check into a hotel… iz truth

  8. You shouldn’t be telling people to take a part a hotel room like that, you
    just made yourself liable. What happens when that person gets hurt taking a
    headboard off the wall or better yet the hotel management sees them doing
    it. Are you going to take the blame? Not very responsible…

  9. That wasnt the point of my comment I would agree that you should give the
    guest the money back the point is the guest shouldnt be tearing the room
    apart, there are less invasive ways to see if there are bed bugs. If a
    guest decides to take a headboard off the wall and gets hurt who’s to

  10. Additional info: Before you begin looking, place your luggage in the
    tub.(dry of course) Often times hotels know they had/have a problem and
    will change the headboard, mattress or frame out for a new one. In addition
    follow these steps as well #1. Look for evidence on the bracket that holds
    it in place too. #2 The bottom of the box spring #3.Flip the nightstands
    upside down. #4. Behind or on edges of the picture frame above the head
    board. #5. (Most commonly overlooked) On top of the curtains.

  11. Spiders eat them. I’d rather deal with spiders or hell poltergeists for
    that matter than these damn things!

  12. There are a lot of things that feed on bed bugs.. Cockroaches, centipedes,
    spiders, there is even a bug called the “Masked Hunter” that feeds mainly
    on bed bugs. Unfortunately controlling bedbugs in this manner is
    practically impossible due to the rate at which they reproduce. Sure they
    will eat a lot of bed bugs, but they will not stop the infestation.

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