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Pest Control Calgary AB | (866)755-8173 | Best Local Exterminator Service

Do you have a pest problem at your home or business? Don’t panic and trust getting rid of them to just anyone! Call us immediately! We are certified, affordable, local pest control technicians and can come to your home or business in a flash! We’ll assess the problem quickly, tell you the cost, and get the job done right guaranteed. If not taken care of quickly, your pest problem will turn into a pest disaster! Don’t risk more damage or frustration by putting the problem off any longer. Get your problem solved as soon as possible, by calling your local pest control experts, today!

Bed Bug Pest Control Colwich KS

Bed Bug Pest Control Kansas
Free Inspection Phone: 1-316-202-1212 If you’ve noticed termite damage or termites call us for a FREE, no hassle evaluation! During the assessment, our technician will identify the pest and treat the risk areas needed to solve the problem. All technicians are certified and highly trained in this field which allows for excellent service for our customers. For more info:

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Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs frustrate every single person who encounters them. Often they will disrupt your personal life and can make you crazy! That’s why Viking does everything we can to make it easy on you, and strive to remove them as quickly and efficiently as possible with the most advanced techniques available in the market.
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Guarantee Pest Control “Bed Bugs”

Have you met the new neighbors? You won’t believe who has set up shop on the corner of mattress seam and bed sheet. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Written and Directed by: Austin Albany
Lighting: Will Kronenberger and Austin Coffey
Audio: Austin Coffey
Puppeteers: James Kemp and David Hosay

Puppets built by James Kemp