How Do I Know if the Bed Bugs are Gone?

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @JWhiteBBTV – – – In this episode, Jeff talks about different ways to help you determine if bed bugs are present in your home. Many times people are dealing with infestations, their homes are treated and they want to know how to tell if the bugs are gone. BedBug Central uses the “50-60 day rule” in that we want to see the people in the homes go 50-60 days without seeing any bugs or receiving any bites. . The reason we use 60 days is that bugs feed every 10 days or so and eggs take about 10 days to hatch. What we’re starting to see is that when you apply pesticides to control bed bugs, it can cause the bugs to act “odd” and sometimes not feed at their regular interval. It has been documented that bugs may go into a “non-feeding” period after pesticide exposure due to adverse conditions. This 60 days allows the bug time to come out and feed, even if it has been affected by pesticide exposure. You can also consider using interception devices or other monitors to help you determine if you still have a problem but keep in mind that there is no 100% definitive way to determine if you still have a problem. That being said, if you know you react to bed bug bites and perform inspections on the beds in the home and use the 50-60 day rule, there is a good chance that the bugs have in fact been eliminated.

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Bed bug infestations have been a persistent problem for humans for thousands of years. Although bed bugs were largely eradicated in the developed world by the mid-twentieth century, infestations have made a recurrence in America since the 1990’s, due in part to an increase in international travel. People everywhere are reporting more and more bed bug infestations and as a result, are seeking the aid of professional exterminators. TORO Pest Management offers professional bed bug extermination services that are fast, effective and GUARANTEED.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects which feed on blood. In particular, when no other food sources are available, they will feed on human blood. Although they often reside in mattresses (hence the name), they can also thrive in other types of furniture, as well as in wallpaper and curtains.

Bed bug infestation are not generally a sign of an unsanitary environment. Infestation is frequently the result of pets bringing the insects into the home. Travelers can also bring the creatures back to their home after sleeping in an infested hotel room.

Detecting bed bugs

Infestation by bed bugs comes with a number of harmful side effects. The bite of the insect is known to cause skin rashes, which can be quite severe in some cases. Many hosts will suffer allergic reactions in the presence of the creatures. On top of the physical side effects, it is not uncommon for an infestation to cause those affected to be impacted psychologically.

An infestation can be detected in a variety of ways. Telltale signs include the aforementioned skin rashes on the host, as well as fecal spots and molts left behind by the insects. Bed bugs also have a characteristic scent of rotten raspberries. Despite these signs, it is often difficult to determine whether an infestation is actually by bed bugs, as bed bugs are nocturnal creatures which are incredibly tough to spot with an untrained eye. To determine whether or not a bed bug infestation is present, consultation with a pest control professional is highly recommended.

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There are a variety of ways to control a bed bug infestation. Vacuuming can be used to physically remove the insects. Because bed bugs are highly sensitive to changes in temperature, exposure of the infested areas to extreme heat via steam treatment can yield results. However, the most effective treatment is by a combination of the above methods with pesticide treatments from a professional exterminator. Control of a bed bug infestation is a complex process, and is potentially dangerous for non-professionals. TORO Pest Management is your bed bug extermination experts, contact us today!

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KTLA) — Just looking at bed bugs is enough to make your skin crawl.

Residents of Park La Brea Towers in Los Angeles’ Fairfax District say they’re living with the bloodsuckers.
Some say their apartments are crawling with bedbugs and roaches. Some say the problem persists despite keeping their apartments clean and allowing exterminators to repeatedly treat their homes.

Now the team that manages what’s known as the largest housing complex west of the Mississippi is responding.

With 4200 units, 150 apartments in each tower and new tenants moving in all the time, John Burney, director of resident services, says uncontrollable variables make pest infestation an unavoidable reality at Park La Brea.

“We’ve dedicated two full-time people to be here every day,” he said.

But Burney says it’s an issue management doesn’t ignore.

The company pays “Round the Clock Pest Control” a flat rate to keep two exterminators on the property five days a week.

Robert Gallo, who owns Round the Clock, says bedbugs are a growing problem in L.A.

He cites a new report that says in New York — once the worst city for bedbugs — infestations have dropped to 9th worst. Meanwhile, L.A has gotten worse — moving from 25th to 5th.

Gallo says bedbugs are hitchhikers who can crawl onto your clothes and just about anywhere else and come with you wherever you go.

“The bugs are all over the place,” he said. “Buses, planes, everywhere.”

Robert Gallo uses a unique bedbug-sniffing dog to inspect apartments, and uses steam and chemical treatments as well as heat treatments to eradicate bed bugs. He says that heat treatment are by far the most effective, but are also the most expensive.

“Heat Treatments kill all the stages of bed bugs,” he said. “Adults, nymphs, eggs everything.”

But if the source of the infestation is in another apartment unit in a building as large as Park La Brea Towers, bedbugs and roaches can come back.

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Using Antibiotics (Ivermectin) to Help Control Bed Bugs – In this episode Jeff will address his concerns over the preliminary findings of a study on ivermectin and its use in the control of bed bugs. While the study shows promise in regards to using ivermectin to assist in controlling bed bugs, the findings are very preliminary and many more advanced studies need to be conducted before it should be considered for use on bed bugs. Some negative aspects of this study are concerns over the side effects of ivermectin use and possible antibiotic resistance to ivermectin in the future.

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